August (NYVR Meetup)


The theme for this month is Animation and below is the list of amazing presenters.

In addition, if you are planning to attend the NYVR meetup from 6 to 9pm, please check out details for the after party being offered by the Void at Madame Tussaud’s Wax museum from 9:30 to midnight. There are still a handful of tickets still available so jump on them quick! (Please note, if interested, you will have to register/pay for both events.)


Paul Rock – Another Reality

Paul Rock is creator of Another Reality. Another Reality produces cartoons YouTube 2D YouTube cartoons through VR and AR software. Using VR as a tool for animation rather than VR as an experience. Paul will be discussing his cartoon series Another Reality that provides "real news, fake reality." The show is meant to be similar to alternative news sources like The Daily Show to provide news in ways that appeal to all demographics and age ranges. He will also talk about his VRogcast (virtual reality podcast) on how Facebook Spaces is used a platform for interviews"

Yvonne Grzenkowicz - ANNY

Yvonne Grzenkowicz is the Founder / Executive Director of Animation Nights New York (ANNY), a curated monthly screening event and annual festival which presents animated short films and virtual reality animation experiences from all around the world. Yvonne is also an independent animator and VR enthusiast. She will be speaking out the role virtual reality plays in Animation Nights New York. (

Ken Perlin -- Future Reality

Ken Perlin is the director of the Future Reality Lab at NYU, one of six labs affiliated with the NYU Holodeck project. Research at the FRL focuses on exploring how, in the coming years, people will use AR, VR and haptic technologies in everyday life to better communicate and interact with each other when they are in the same physical space. Creating such experiences is quite challenging, as it requires both very high spatial accuracy and very low latency. He will show what such experiences might be like, using cutting edge current technologies to simulate future ones. There will be a live demo.

Paul Chambers - Sketchfab

In partnership with the virtual studio platform Artella – Sketchfab gathered together an incredible team of of industry professionals from the likes of Disney, Pixar, and Weta. The team, led by director Tim Rudder and producer Bobby Beck combined additional talented artists from the Sketchfab community to create “Lily & Snout” (, the world’s first animated short in WebVR. Sketchfab will swing by to introduce the short and answer a Q&A on its production.

Lewis Smithingham – 30 Ninjas

Lewis Smithingham is a filmmaker who lives in New York City. He has gained international recognition for his early adoption of VR film production having shot a number of projects with Nokia’s OZO as well as work with Phantom, Jaunt and custom rigs. Lewis will be speaking about his work at 30 Ninjas.

Robin Alter – Ultrahaptics

Ultrahaptics provides the feeling of touch using ultrasound waves sent to bare skin. We enable users to feel shapes, textures and other sensations, without needing to wear gloves or hold controllers. Ultrahaptics is being implemented in real-world products across Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Casino Gaming, Retail Digital Signage, Medical, Accessibility, VR/AR Applications, Amusement Parks and Location-based environments.


Oculus Sponsored workshop (For any west coast friends…)

Oculus is sponsoring a VR-sculpting workshop in Los Angeles, taught by Gio Napkil, Oculus character artist from Industrial Light and Magic/Lucas. Details at the following link.

NYC VR Hackathon

Join NYC’s top developers, designers and creatives at the NYC VR Hackathon this Sept. 22-24th. Run by the same folks that did the recent WebVR hackathon ( at Sketchfab’s Flatiron offices, this one will feature room scale VR, WebVR, Artificial Intelligence in VR and other tracks, speakers and on-site tech. Partnering with JWT, the largest advertising agency in the world, expect to see teams that push limits of user experience, creativity and of course branded integration.

Sign up here (, further details are here (, or just email organizer Hugh Seaton at [masked] .

Jump Into VR Fest

Jump Into VR Festival kicks off this year in the Lower East Side on Sept 15-17th. The event will bring together the best of the VR/XR ecosystem. Keynote speakers, featured performers, workshops, VIP events, product launches and VR/XR demos will highlight the inaugural three-day festival.

Upcoming NYVR Events:

I am planning to have the next NYVR meetup in September focus on Education (September Event). If you are a developer or involved in this topic, please email me at [masked] because I would love to share what people are working on.

World’s Fair Nano

Calling all virtual reality developers! Do you have cool demos that you want to showcase to 10,000 future lovers? Join us at Worlds Fair Nano, a two-day technology festival open to the general public, this coming September 16th-17th at the Brooklyn Expo Center. For more information please email [masked] .

NYVR Expo – D.J. Smith, Hugh Seaton

The NYVR Meetup and The Glimpse Group have partnered with Emerald Expositions to launch the first large scale VR expo on the east coast called NYVR Expo 2017. The event will be at the Jacob Javits Center and be co-located with the Photoplus Expo which annually attracts 20,000 attendees. We will have a professional conference on Oct 26th and 27th and the Expo will be on Oct 27 and 28th. More details will be announced soon but please save the date! (