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March (VR for Arch/Design/Construction)

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Price: $5.00 /per person
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UPDATE! 3/20/18

Due to the snow storm, we are canceling the 3/21 event and are currently looking to reschedule for the evening of 4/4. I will send a confirmation once everything is locked in. Stay Safe!

original details

I am excited to announce the 2nd annual VR for Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) themed NYVR Meetup. We have another completely stacked agenda with the leading companies and thought leaders in this vertical. Each company will have a few minutes to introduce their technology and then we will spend the rest of the time networking and demo’ing their products.

In addition, we will have some special guests from Warner Brother’s “Ready Player One” promotional team attending. We are so excited for the upcoming release on 3/29 and rumor has it, Warner Brothers may even have some special gifts/surprises for the NYVR community so don’t miss out on coming to the event!

Below are the companies that will be presenting….

Sneha Keshav– IrisVR

IrisVR creates software for immersive design review and collaboration in virtual reality. It is used by VDC teams, design firms, and engineers who coordinate 3D models and implement design and construction processes. IrisVR integrates with Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and other 3D tools out of the box, allowing users to instantly create immersive VR experiences optimized for client presentations and collaborative design review.

Brian August – 110 Stories

110stories creates immersive mobile media that allows real estate developers to understand the story behind iconic architectural projects. These stories are told through connected visualizations, optimized for the various project stakeholders throughout its entire lifecycle. In conjunction with the American Institute of Architects, 110stories is building "ArchiTechTour", a first of its kind immersive walk down the High Line for attendees of the 2018 National AIA conference at the Javits Center this June. ArchiTechTour will allow participants to visualize the past, present and future of various structures, using AR, VR, XR, 360° imagery, drone photography and other forms of immersive visualization. (

Christopher Mitchell and Thomas Dickerson – Geopipe

Geopipe creates expansive, immersive virtual models of the real world for gaming, architecture, VR, simulation, and beyond. We apply algorithmic techniques including machine learning to raw sensor data to understand not just what the world looks like, but what it contains. We produce semantically rich 3D models that you can download instantly in industry standard formats to use in your favorite game engines and design and rendering software. Get started with free evaluation models at (

Gaspard Giroud - Garou

GAROU is a geographic based VR marketplace aimed at building a community where users can share their VR content, interact with other people, transact, learn, engage with the brands they love & discover the brands they will come to love. Currently you can explore NYC and dive into key landmarks, visit real estate, take a heli tour high above the buildings, browse stunning architecture and even check out the new Tesla Model X! (

Katelyn Coghlan – Glimpse Consulting & The Vrgineer 5k Headset

Katelyn will be presenting The Glimpse Group’s consulting division which specializes in high end VR marketing experiences for the real estate industry. Katelyn will be demo’ing a recent project that was completed in partnership with Intel that places a user in the middle of a large basketball stadium with 2500 animated characters. In addition, Glimpse will be demo’ing the experience on the revolutionary new VRgineer 5K headset. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch a glimpse of the future of computer processing as well as high resolution displays.

Jim Prucey - Orbix360º

Orbix360º offers a web-based platform for uploading and viewing 360º photo-based experiences. 360º cameras are becoming more affordable and accessible at the prosumer and professional level, and Orbix360º's goal is to make the easiest way to create interactive experiences with 360º photos. Orbix360º is also compatible with 3D architectural renderings produced by popular engineering and design software. (

Mike Quan – Interactive Tactical Group

Interactive Tactical Group is taking the next generation of hand held 3D LIDAR

scanning into the future. While LIDAR (light detection and ranging) has been around for many years it has emerged as an important element of the driverless car sensor package. As the price and performance of LIDAR has fallen, a new crop of hand held scanners has come online, allowing users to quickly scan buildings and infrastructure providing dimensionally accurate measurements, 3D models and location data. (

Polley Wong - Viuspace & VRARA

Polley Wong is the CEO of Mixed reality firm VIUSPACE (read as “view space”), co-founder of Architecture and Interior Design studio WE CREATE GROUP, and heads up the AEC Committee of VRARA, the global industry association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Members such as Google (sorry Microsoft), Samsung, Archiact, AutoDesk and many more.

Jonathan Klein - GeoCV Co-Founder & CEO

GeoCV is a New York-based 3D reality capture​ ​​company​ ​delivering next-generation virtual tours via 3D-enabled smartphones. The brainchild of 3D computer vision experts, GeoCV's proprietary software technology leverages the accessibility and scalability of next-generation smartphones, empowering creators with photorealistic, interactive content and exponential applications in the immersive AR & VR worlds.

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