November (Rlab AR/VR and the intersection with AI)

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I am pleased to announce a great lineup for the upcoming NYVR focused on the Integration of AI into VR/AR.

Christopher Mitchell – Geopipe

Geopipe makes it possible to instantly build games, simulations, and experiences inside virtual copies of the real world. We use machine learning to understand every object in the real world from sensor imagery, then instantly generate immersive, interactive environments you can download or stream into your own software and game engines.

Francis Bitonti – Lexset

LexSet is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specialized in solving the training data problems that frustrate data scientists and limit the enormous potential of CV. LexSet’s tools allow for on-demand generation of photorealistic synthetic data customized to any use case, and for the development of vision models from the data they create. Our clients range from retailers to industrial and robotics companies.

Hugh Seaton – Adept Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality are at their best when users are able to move around and interact as freely and naturally as possible - and perhaps the most natural interface is just talking. Hugh Seaton, GM of Adept Reality, will discuss voice interactions overall, and within the context of Virtual Reality experiences.

Maryam Farooq – NYAI Meetup ( is at the center of AI events in NYC & beyond. We operate as a social impact organization focused on AI events & education. A portion of proceeds from our AI Community Conference Series goes to support our free Intro to AI Workshop series designed to inspire kids from traditionally marginalized communities.

Shantenu Agarwal - Soul Machines

Shantenu Agarwal, VP of Product at Soul Machines will be discussing how A.I. and 3D characters can create a compelling and new experience for companies and creatives to connect with their customers. Soul Machines is a startup started in New Zealand and has offices globally working with some of the top global brands such as ANZ, RBS, Autodesk, Mercedes, and others to transform how humans and machines collaborate.