What we're about

Nairobi AI is an ever-growing vibrant community of AI practitioners hailing from large technology companies, startups and academic institutions. We accelerate the application of AI to solve impactful real world problems including Africa's greatest & toughest challenges.

We are a convergence of researchers, developers, educators, data scientists,& general enthusiasts in and around Nairobi who gather to network, learn, and discuss emerging trends in AI. Learn more at: https://nairobi.ai


• Foster and build an AI-centric community in our efforts to position Nairobi, and Africa as a key player in the AI era.

• Incorporate models that brings together rigorous academic research, industry R&D support and incubation support.

• Advancing artificial intelligence to find solutions to the Big 4 Agenda, together with Africa's greatest challenges.

• Showcase Nairobi's AI and data science talent on a global level through strategic partnerships, industry events and expos.

• Training the next generation of data scientists and AI experts through a series of community events, led by industry experts

• To identify and foster aspirational efforts in AI for socially benevolent applications

This is a community for anyone interested in learning more about AI. Our goal is simple - learn new trends in AI, collaborate, network, and most importantly have fun!

Past events (11)

TFLite Codelab [ Pre-TensorFlow Roadshow Nairobi 2019 ]

iHub Nairobi 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction, Nairobi

[Joint Event] TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019 Extended Nairobi

iHub Nairobi 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction, Nairobi

Indaba X Kenya

Kenyatta University

AI Saturdays Nairobi [ Week IX ]

IBM Innovation Center

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