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Nakano toastmasters club is providing the life changing opportunities in communication.

Toastmasters is the one of the biggest NPO in the world to learn public speaking and leadership.
It was founded 1924 in California in U.S.A. In Japan we have about 190 community clubs.
Nakano toastmaster club is pretty new.
We have three principles to promote.

1. Motivational speakers (We are encouraging the people by the great speeches.)

2. Educational quality (We are providing the honest feedback to improve speaking and leadership capability.)

3. Friendly atmosphere (We are providing the great place to meet the new friends.)

If you are interested in improving your life, public speaking and leadership skills will be the good support for your life. Some people got the better opportunities in career, became the friends among the group and leaned the new things from other members.

For University students who want to study abroad or learn English;

-You can practice your speaking skills with the proven techniques.
-You will learn how to covey your messages in the classroom, seminars and meetings.
-You will learn the good expressions, metaphors and similes.
-You will learn by doing and receive the constructive feedback about your speech.
-You can have the opportunities to make mistakes under the safe environment.

-You will receive the various advices from the experienced professionals who had the similar situation.

-You can make the new friends from the different part of the world.

For professionals who wants to be better presenter:
-You will learn the difference between good and bad presentations.
-You will know the professional techniques to present with impact.
-You can practice your critical presentation under the safe environment.

-You can build the good professional network from the various industries.

-You will learn the tips and constructive feedback about your leadership.

Just show up the meeting and experience toastmaster's meeting.
Please check our meeting information.

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Nakano Toastmasters 73nd meeting (Nakano Cup)

Nakano Zero West Bldg Room2

日本語は後に続きます。 Have you ever felt "I wanted to control more my life." ? I felt the same, then next question comes, "How do I do that?" We have the clear answer for that. We believe that controlling life depends on our communication. Communication means including "What do we talk?" and "How do we talk?" We believe that we can improve both by practicing. Let me ask you another question, "If you are fluent in communicating with others, what may happen to your life?" You may say, "I will be promoted." "I can change the job." "I can find a boy friend." "I will be confident of myself." "I can be proud of myself." "My friends and people will listen my stories more." "My boss will allow me to attend more important meetings." That's right. Your future will be brighter when you will be good at communicating. Imagine all good things will happen in your life. But you may feel like following; "But I can't change." "But I am not sure. "But I am like this the whole life." Self doubt may continue more and more. I know how you feel because I felt the same before. When I heard the following statements, my life started changing. "Your whole journey of professional skill development starts with a single speech." What are your major concerns in communicating in English? Your answers must be like following; "I am not confident in speaking in front of people." "I have a plan to go overseas but I am not sure I can survive." "I am still mumbling in speaking English." "I am not sure that I am good enough to communicate." "I want to be a good presenter but I don't know how to practice." If these answers are related to you, If you want to communicate well in English, If you look for the opportunities to speak English, If you want to be a better speaker, Nakano Toastmasters Club is the right place for you. Toastmasters is founded by the world well known educator Dr.Smedley 1924 in California, U.S.A. Since the foundation, the methodology and spirits are prevail all over the world. Now (2018), Toastmaster has been the one of the biggest NPO for educating the public speaking and leadership skills in the world. In Japan we have more than 180 community clubs having the meetings and activities almost every week in many cities. We are welcoming students and business people in any level. Actually three members in the club were competing at the speech contest in division level. The division was consisted with 25 clubs in the region. One of the member is competing the whole Japan level. And last year he won the second place in all Japan. It means that we have many native level speakers. We all started with anxiety and fear in public speaking. Every great speaker and presenter said, "Practicing is the only and best way to be better." Once you see the meeting by your own eyes, you will love to learn more and more and even you can see your brighter future. We are guaranteed you will have your life changing experience. When you become the toastmaster members, Toastmaster HQ will send you manuals to improve your public speaking and leadership skills. You can learn them by your own pace. New members will work on speech projects in one of these manuals, Veteran members work on projects from advanced manuals. Let's join us at the meeting. (Please read "Easy 10 steps for Guests" at the end, you will understand your action steps) The meeting schedule is like following; 6:30 Meeting starts and introduction 6:40 Role and Session explanation by toastmaster of the evening. (Toastmaster is the emcee of the meeting.) 6:50 to 8:20 Prepared Speech, Table topics(impromptu speech), Evaluation 8:20 Discussion (discuss how to run the meeting) 8:45 Adjourn the meeting. After the meeting, we will have the social drinking session at the bar near the venue. Easy 10 Steps for Guests Guests are always welcomed! All meetings are open to guests. No charge for guests. On average, we have a few guests in every meeting. If it is your first time to visit Toastmasters club, just follow the "Easy 10 Steps for Guests". 1. Make sure the meeting schedule and place on the information on meetup or Facebook page. 2. Send a simple email to inform us your visit. 3. Visit our meeting place 5-10 minutes earlier. What you have to bring is a pen. That's it! 4. Tell anyone in the room “I’m a guest” then our club member welcomes you with a smile 5. Sign up on the guest sheet or guest-sign book and grab both the meeting agenda and voting sheet. 6. Sit down anywhere you’d like and say hello to the person next to you 7. At the beginning of the meeting, you may be asked very short self-introduction. Name, where are you from, and how many times you visited toastmasters. Relax and enjoy the meeting. It’s fun!! (if you have a question, you can ask the member next to you.) 9. If you have time after the meeting, come to drinking & eating session Niji-kai. It’s a great chance to talk with members and to know better about this club 10. Come to next meeting again. You will realize you want to be a member of this club Don't hesitate to come even you don't know anything about us. We have a few non-toastmasters guests every time. Benefits of the members; 1. You will receive manuals to improve your skills. 2. You will visit other clubs in any countries as toastmasters. 3. You will join the variety of workshops and seminars which are held by other toastmasters clubs. 4. You will know the secrets strategy of creating the great speeches behind. Politicians, Authors, TV anchors, and Miss Pageant winners. (Many of celebrities became the members to practice their speeches in the club, including famous author Susan Caine and Miss International 2012, Ikumi Yoshimatsu.) 5. You will be friend for life to share your issues and problems. 「もし、人と上手く話せたら・・・」 「もし、もうちょっと、プレゼンテーションが上手くできたら」 そう考えたこと、ありませんか。 この悩みが解決したら、どんな人生が待っているのでしょう? 一方、心の声は 「でもな、もともと話ベタだし」 「自信もないしな」 「ムリでしょう」 と。 私も同じような気持ちでした。 諦めていました。 しかし、ある講演家から「話しが上手くなるには話すしかないんだよ。僕は昔は無口だったんだよ」と聞いた時、初めの一歩を踏み出そうと決めました。 そして、英語の訓練の場を探していた時にトーストマスターズに出会いました。 トーストマスターズとは。 1924年アメリカのカリフォルニアで創設されたパブリックスピーチとリーダーシップを学ぶ世界最大のNPOグループです。会員数が世界で30万人を抱えています。日本国内では認定クラブ、認定前クラブ合わせて190以上のクラブが存在しています。トースト(乾杯する)をマスター(習得する)しているのでトーストマスターズという名前です。 世界では政治家、アナウンサー、教師、牧師、警察署長、ジャーナリスト、弁護士、経営者、著者など人前で話す仕事の人はトーストマスターで訓練することが推奨されている位、そのメソッドには定評があります。(著書「Quiet」で世界的に有名なスーザンケイン女史、2012年ミスインターナショナル優勝者吉松育美さん等がスピーチ力向上のためミーティングを活用) あなたが、トーストマスターズに入会すると本部から教本を受け取ります。それに従って、準備スピーチ、テーブルトピック、論評や進行役をします。それによりスピーチ能力やリーダーシップ能力が向上していきます。自分の目標や目的に従ってメンターやメンバーのサポートにより能力を上げていくことができます。 ミーティング(例会) 司会(トーストマスターオブザイブニングと言います)によってミーティングは進行されます。各役割の説明の後、ミーティングが始まります。 ミーティングは3部で構成されています。 準備スピーチ(Prepared Speech)、即興スピーチ(Table topic speech)、論評(Evaluation)の3部です。 準備スピーチでは、本部から送られた教本(マニュアル)に従い、そのマニュアルの各プロジェクト(5つから10のプロジェクト)で設定されている目的に従って準備をし、スピーチを行い、フィードバックを受けます。 即興スピーチでは、与えられたお題に従って即興スピーチをつくります。このスピーチの練習によって、簡単な話を作る練習ができます。 論評スピーチでは、準備スピーチを観察しマニュアルや自分の観察したことに従って短いスピーチを行います。良いスピーチとは何かに気づきます。 例会において、各役割の説明をする事もスピーチ表現を豊かにする練習になります。この役割を取ることも、もう一つの教本(マニュアル)によって役割を評価されます。会員向けにスピーチコンテストが開催されたり、ワークショップが開催されたり多用なプログラムが用意されています。各ミーティングによって構成が変わることもあるので、当日のアジェンダをご確認ください。 中野トーストマスターズクラブ 英語クラブです。英語でミーティングを進行するので英検3級以上で会話が多少理解できる人が望ましいです。ただし、英語スピーチを苦手とする初心者もやる気さえあれば大歓迎です。外国人、地域大会出場経験者、帰国子女、海外在住経験者などメンバーまで色々なレベルのメンバーで構成されています。 Next Meetingの情報を確認し御参加ください。 悩んでいてもプレゼンテーションやスピーチが上手くなる事は絶対ありません。そうです。絶対ありません。スピーチが上手い人は全員練習しているのです。 この機会を活用して英語でのスピーチ、プレゼンテーション向上のための一歩を踏み出してみてはいかがでしょう。 ミーティングにてお待ちしております。 ミーティング後の飲み会の様子 ↓

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Nakano Toastmasters 72nd meeting

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