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Although this Meetup Group was founded in 2012, the class began in January 2000 and for most of its history has met twice per week. Our 1,000th class was on 10 March 2011.

Our purpose is to improve our health and also make friends. We provide a safe environment where men can gain the physical benefits of yoga (strength, balance, focus, calmness, better blood circulation) and the social benefits of a friendly, encouraging community of men.

We get naked. We practice yoga. We don’t care if you are young or old, straight or gay, black or white, sculpted or sagging. We welcome students of all levels, including beginners. We take pride in our respectful, supportive, and friendly but non-cruisy atmosphere. We are refreshingly free of “attitude”. Class duration is 90 minutes.

Due to the nature of our class, we are careful about whom we invite to our studio. If you are accustomed to other Meetup groups where anonymous people are invited as casually as if the event were a frisbee toss in the park, have patience. We provide a safe environment because of our intentions and the fact that we screen first-timers before inviting them.

1) You will need to send a direct email via Comcast (NOT via Meetup) to Bobby, the founder/organizer, who will then reply with introductory messages (too long to include here).

First use: yoga4men@comcast.net

If no reply within a reasonable time, you may try: yoga.friend@here-and-now.com

2) Although you are free to use a different name in class, you must provide your real name to the instructors and the two organizers. Your full name is not absolutely necessary for your first message to Bobby, but is needed to proceed further. Your nickname or screen handle is not an acceptable substitute. You must be prepared to show valid identification at your first class.

3) You must read and agree to the rules.

About this Naked Yoga Class - The Rules

1) This group is for men only. This is one of the attributes that make it unique.

2) This group is open to all men regardless of sexual orientation. It is not about sex, cruising or voyeurism. Members are free to disclose or hide their sexual orientation. Members do not assume that any other member is gay or is available for any relationship outside class.

3) During class, members do their best to concentrate on their breathing, posture or other aspects of the exercise. Looking at someone in order to understand the pose while exercising is OK; sitting back and staring is not. Those who find themselves unable to keep up with the exercises are asked to go into a rest pose rather than watching the class.

4) Members who feel attracted to others in the class do their best not to make it obvious to anyone during class. Members are expected to be equally friendly and helpful to all others in the class, regardless of any erotic attraction, or lack thereof. Spontaneous erections, if they occur, are treated as natural, involuntary and unremarkable and not taken personally; we simply continue our exercise without comment. What we wouldn't like is any deliberate erotic gesture or intentional distraction from the purpose of the class.

5) Those whose bodies are far from ideal are just as welcome as anyone else. We are in this group to improve ourselves and help each other. We respect any man who shows up and works at the exercises, no matter how he looks to us today. When we choose partners for stretching or other exercises, our ideal is to spend our time equally with all other possible partners.We do not favor or disfavor anyone based on age or looks. Please note: We do partner work only in infrequent special sessions, always announced in advance. In our regular classes we have no occasion to touch each other.

6) We respect the owners, manager and other users of the space we are in. and the privacy of the class. Drop-ins and guests must at least speak with a class member prior to class time before being invited to join us. We will not disclose the specific location of the studio except to those who understand and accept our philosophy. If anyone else asks us where we meet, it is OK to say "a dance studio in Central Square" but nothing more specific than that.

7) Naturist etiquette applies. Among other things, this means:

a) We stay within established nude areas.
b) We respect the rights and property of others
c) No photos without prior permission.

8) This is a naked class. The only exception is for the instructor.

9) You are responsible for your own safety. It is up to you to know your limitations and make sure you don't injure yourself. In particular, if you have conditions such as glaucoma or high blood pressure, you should avoid inverted poses. If unsure, consult your doctor before attending this class.

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