What we're about

Our vision is to connect people seeking personal and spiritual growth with events, teachers and workshops that enable it.

What kinds of events will you find here?

One-time events that are designed to get you thinking. Teach you to express yourself in new ways. Help you discover new aspects of yourself. Assist you in healing stuff that's holding you back. Enable you to expand your leadership skills. And things we haven't even thought of yet.

Fun events, where you're just likely to meet some fun people very much like yourself.
Singapore is literally full of small communities created to facilitate expansion among their members. And they're just waiting for you to show up! Many of these groups are obscure, and not easily found by the people who are most likely to be served by them.

Namaste! Events seeks to change all that. It's a platform for those communities to promote their events to our members, who might just find them awesome!

Learn more about Namaste! Events here: http://www.NamasteEvents.org

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