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11.2-11.3 | Hit Nanjing on a 2-day Fall Color Hiking Trip

Qixiashan Scenic Spot (Southeast Gate)

Located in the Qixia district of Nanjing City in the province of Jiangsu, Mount Qixia is one of China's four Holy Grails of Fall-time Maple watching. Historically, five kings and fourteen emperors have made a point of visiting Qixia Mountain. It conceals more than 80 relic ruin sites, pulling together religious culture, imperial culture, conservation culture, the culture of historical personages and Ming Dynasty customs, geography, stone carving and tea. Hit Nanjing on a two-day one-night Autumn Colors getaway with Trendy Adventurer! Hike in one of China's four great Autumn wonderlands, explore the mystic thousand-year Buddhist temple and see the Thousand Buddha Cliff. Enjoy luscious color at Nanjing's untouched forests and swaying grassland meadows. Highlights 1. Be enchanted by other-worldly Autumn color as you step foot into one of China's four great scenic maple wonderlands on Qixia Mountain. 2. See the thousand-year Qixia Buddhist temple and carved sculptures of thousand Buddha rock. 3. Admire the curious visuals of pond cypress growths hike-sightseeing the narrow forest of Zhima Ridge. 4. Experience the face of Fall color on the Lianshan grassland meadows Itinerary Day[masked] a.m. Meet at Nanjing Train Station. Depart from Nanjing Station to Qixia Mountain(the road takes 40 minutes) 11.20 a.m. Have lunch, we stroll on the Wutong 'Parasol Tree' Road near the Qixia Zen Temple memorial archway, sightsee at Mingjing 'Brightmirror' Lake and thousand-year Qixia Buddhist Temple. 12.00 p.m. Hiking. See Qixia Temple, Thousand Buddha Cliff and surrounding sites. Qixia Temple is the birthplace of the "three-treatise" school of Buddhism – a landmark monastery in Han Chinese-domain Buddhist tradition and protected cultural site with over 1500 years of history. Thousand Buddha Cliff contains a total of 294 statue niches and 515 sitting Buddha idols here, some of which date back 1400 years! 4.30 p.m. Drive to a hotel, check-in. dinner. Day[masked] a.m. Get up and have breakfast. Take a look at the water-growing pond cypress under soft morning light at Zhima Ridge. Continue with a red-leaf valley hike. 12.00 p.m. Have lunch at a country-style restaurant near Lianshan, take a short break, then set out again for our stroll on the Lianshan meadows. 3.00 p.m. Road back to Nanjing station. Related dates Sign-up dealine:2019/11/01 17:00 Activity date:2019/11/2--2019/11/3 Meeting Point Nanjing South Railway Station Cost RMB 520/ Person What's Included 1. Full bus fare 2. Ticket of Qixia mountain scenic spot 3. Standard room accommodation at the Papua conference hotel 4. Bilingual outdoor guide 5. Insurance

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