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For people who live in the Napa area the purpose of this group is to facilitate training and strong cohesiveness among its select members and their dependents. The training will consist of team building and supportive means to allow the group to protect and provide for all its members and dependents in the event of natural disaster or any type of civil disorder.

If you are in reasonable health and fitness levels are enough to pass the initial physical fitness testing and cognitive testing then you may become a team member. Your dependents in that case would then be included in the group as well. Dis qualifiers would be in part, convicted felon, mental health issues or diagnosis, or group not approving selection. May not be active military or law enforcement. Age restrictions, must be 21 years of age or older.

The group events will consist of "meet & greets", ongoing group social meet ups, and training by professional training organizations to meet goals for group preparedness. Example of group training topics would be very practical applications such as:

TCCC Tactical combat casualty care courses
Defensive driving courses
Weapons training courses
Combatives training courses
Physical fitness training
Survival training (urban and wilderness)
Group preparedness drills very specific to practical scenario training

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