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STAR WARS: Lords of the Expanse

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STAR WARS: Lords of the Expanse

System: Fate Accelerated Edition

Player limit: 5

Chapter 1: Bacta Basics

Conflict rages as Republic forces fight for to maintain law and order while the Separtists defy them in the name of freedom. Meanwhile, independent factions across the Galaxy strive to maintain their neutrality in the all-encompassing struggle.

Such is the dilemma of the Noble Houses of Tapani Sector, astride the Shapani Bypass. The High Lords of the Great Council still debate amongst themselves whether they should throw their support to one side or the other. Meanwhile, both Separtist and Republic agents wage a covert battle for control of the trade route to Thyferra, the primary production center of medical bacta, a regenerative fluid necessary for the Republic’s war effort.

Even now, Royal Troubleshooters from House Cadriaan race to a rendezvous with a hyperspace surveyor who may have the coordinates to locate a lost Cadriaani bacta tanker. Can they recover it before Republic agents, Separtist mercenaries, or even pirates get their hands on it?


About the game…

Why Accelerate Fate?

Fate is, at its heart, a simple system. So what happens if we aggressively strip Fate Core down, limiting the skill list to a small handful of broad approaches to problem-solving (e.g., Fast, Clever, Tough, Powerful, Sneaky)? What happens if we leave the “why” material for Fate Core, and instead focus solely on describing the basic procedures of play?

That’s the idea behind creating the Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE). With FAE, we’re looking to create a complete, roughly 32-page version — a 90% reduction in size! — of Fate, with an emphasis on starting play in half an hour, with rules that are accessible to beginners and veterans of nearly any age. This will be a version of Fate you can start playing with your kids early on, use to power your Fate-inspired LARP, use as another approach for introducing your group to the Fate system, or use as a light engine for one-shots, and so on.

The game focuses on the sort of stereotypically clichéd high action-adventure that you only see in a B-rate Saturday afternoon matinee blockbuster movie. Adventures will encourage cinematic risk-taking, and creative and imaginative ways to overcome challenges.

The adventure is crafted for 4-5 players. Characters will be created at the table. The adventure is designed with casual role players in mind and will be very beginner-friendly. Extensive knowledge of the Star Wars universe is not required, though players are encouraged to be familiar with the movies (yes… all six of them).

Players will need to bring pen and paper if possible. FUDGE dice will be provided for those who don’t have them. Since character creation will be done at the table, a basic character concept is encouraged but not required. While they are not required to play the game, a variety of miniatures will be available to use.

If you want to learn more about Fate Core or FAE, feel free to visit the pages found here:


Additional note from your Meetup organizers–

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Finally, please respect the GM of this game. This event would not be possible without them. Thank you!