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WindyCon is a Science Fiction & Fantasy literature based convention that is held annually in November. WindyCon is a part of ISFiC which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of literacy ,supporting writers and the skill of writing, along with various other arts. WindyCon is one of the largest mid-west Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions drawing on over 1,200 attendees each year.

Ticket Cost:


Adults $50.00

Kids (12 and under) $25.00


Adult Full Weekend $60.00

Kids (12 and under) Full Weekend $35.00

Friday only: $30.00

Saturday only: $50.00

Sunday only: $20.00

Message from Bill Roper, Chairman of WindyCon:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Fans of all Ages, Shapes, and Sizes:

Welcome to Windycon 40 and The Big Tent!

Has the circus come to town? No, not really. For Windycon 40, we’re celebrating science fiction and fantasy in all of their forms and mediums, because they’re all good. We all come to fandom from different places, whether it’s from reading books, comics, or manga; whether we get our SF and fantasy fix from movies, TV, or anime; whether we’re bloggers, or fanzine publishers, or filkers, or gamers, or costumers; whether we’re computer programmers, or chemists, or shop clerks, or professional artists and authors.

We come here because we share a common love of the science fiction and fantasy genre, because this is where we can come together with like-minded individuals, go to panels, parties, concerts, masquerades, films, or just have a conversation with someone else who gets it. And there is room in this Big Tent for all of us.

Any good Big Tent has many rings of entertainment and we’re looking to do the same here at Windycon 40. So although we won’t neglect our traditional literary and science programming, we’re looking to put together panels on a wide range of topics so that there’s something to appeal to you no matter what your area of fannish interest, from anime to the zodiac—because it all started when we looked up at the stars, right? If you have ideas for panels and for folks who would be good to have on panels, especially if you think there’s an area of programming that could use more attention, our Programming head would love to hear from you – and you can find our programming questionnaire right here.

We’ve got a wonderful and diverse group of Guests of Honor this year as well from a variety of backgrounds, as you’ll see when you check out their bios. I am delighted to have them as our guests.

And with all that, there’s room in The Big Tent for a bit of circus too. There will be a few circus-themed items of programming scattered about and our Masquerade head advises me that we can expect to see some folks taking advantage of the circus theme there too. That said, we’ll try to avoid having clowns where no clowns should be.

I hope you’ll be able to come and join us at Windycon 40, because I’m looking forward to seeing all of you, no matter what brings you to our Big Tent."

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