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13th Age Organized Play - Wyrd of the Wild Wood (Part 6)

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Tales of 13th Age

Wyrd of the Wild Wood

Part 6 - The New Road and Beyond

Game Master: Ben / Sarah

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Player Limit: 6

Adventure prelude…

Your characters start on Darkskye, a flying island prison camp. The most dangerous prisoners in the Dragon Empire are kept there, mining the magical crystals that form the heart of the island. It will be up to you during character generation to decide whether your character was a guard, a prisoner, or on the flying island for another purpose. For reasons unknown, something goes astray and the flying island crashes out of the sky into the Wild Wood, a forest touched by the forces of the High Druid. You must make it out of the Wild Wood to safety while the magical energies of the crystals from the flying island warp and unleash the ancient energies of the Wild Wood. It is Adventurer vs Wild!

This is a six week adventure. Each part will have a start and an end. You do not need to commit to all six adventures to participate! While we would like it if you could join us for the full adventure, we will be happy to accommodate players that can only join us for a session or two.

Important note: The adventure takes place simultaneously with Crown of the Lich King. We will be playing with new level 2 characters for this adventure! Don't worry about the characters who survived Crown of the Lich King - they will be returning for a future adventure.

Adventure recaps from the previous adventure will be posted on our blog here:


About the game…

13th Age is a new fantasy roleplaying game, designed by Jonathan Tweet – lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons® third edition – and Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer of the fourth edition of D&D®. 13th Age honors old school fantasy role-playing values as it dives deep into rich story telling adventures. The game features a familiar d20-style system, but it lighter on the rules compared to D&D which results in smoother, free-flowing combat. An Escalation Die rule that keeps battles fast and exciting by giving characters an escalating combat bonus the longer they fight.

The game focuses on connecting players to the world they are in through the use of background-based skills as well as detailed relationships with the key movers and shakers of the world – The Icons. Adventures will encourage creative and imaginative ways to solve the challenges set before them.

The adventure is crafted for 3-6 players. The majority of mechanical character development will be completed in advance with 10 available pre-generated characters. Players will be able to select from these and develop their background, Icon relationships and their place in their world before diving into the adventure itself.

If you want to learn more about 13th Age please check out the Resources page here:


Additional note from your Meetup organizers–

The NFG&W Meetup group is happy to welcome Fair Game customers to join us in enjoying this game as part of Fair Game’s RPG Sunday lineup. Because this particular RPG is being run by members of our Meetup group we ask that you please join the Meetup group and RSVP yourself if you wish to join this game. If a game is already full, you are welcome to add yourself to the wait list and you will be notified if a spot opens up.

To all members: Due to the limited number of seats in this game, the attendance policy will be strictly enforced. Please review the Attendance Policy in the discussion thread if you have any questions.