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You should join if:

You're from New England...

And you know that Tim Thomas was a University of Vermont goally before playing for the Bruins.

You know what "I LOVE WALTAH" means.

You have a Tom Brady tattoo or for guys- you just like Tom Brady.

You remember Manny Being Manny and those commercials Big Popi did which indicated he could barely speak English.

You know who "The Truth" is, who said "Anything is Possible," and believe that the world still may actually be flat.

You believe Jackie Mcmullan and Bob Ryan should elope.

You secretly have a huge crush on Abbie Chen

You legitimately believe every New England sports team will win the championship every single year, regardless of what the so-called "experts" believe.

You want to meet other die-hard New England fans (Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Revolution, etc.)

The idea behind this group is I would like to facilitate group outings (to bars) to watch the BIG GAMES, not just playoffs, like when LeBitch James comes to the Garden for the 1st time as a La Laker, or the Patriots play against the Bucs, Dolphins, or the Celtics play against the Magic or the Heat.

Additionally I would like to encourage us to car-pool or if this thing gets big (go in on a 15 passenger van rental) to Miami or possibly Orlando for live games when our favorite teams are in town.

I'm open to suggestions and making this group work for everyone, and for keeping it a New England team group where trash talking will NOT be tolerated, if you're a Yankees fan you can GTFO, and altogether everyone can just have fun, meet other fans, maybe meet their future spouse or at least next boyfriend or girlfriend, and support our favorite teams in a group environment.

Have friends from New England who should join this group? Send them an invite!

Thank you for checking us out!

-Nick B.

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