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Question: Why should I join your fancy little group?

Answer: You like to eat. You like to drink. You like to save. You like to be happy after a long day at work. Can you imagine the joy of experiencing all these fun things simultaneously with like minded people?

Question: OK. I'm intrigued. Give me the low down.

Answer: This is a new social club for ridiculously fun loving, stylish and savvy Naples residents, ages 40+, interested in checking out great restaurants offering happy hour specials. We'll be meeting starting beteen 4 and 5pm for a few hours, once or twice a week, always on Friday but some other days as well. We have a busy calendar and are lucky to have top shelf members not too shy to post a face picture with their profile.

Question: Do you have a catchy tagline that captures your philosophy?

Drink and nibble famously, but never pay full price!

Question: Your group is so wildly popular that your events seem to always be booked solid. Should I join an event wait list?

Answer: YES! Invariably, the day of a Meetup some members get called away to monumentally important events elsewhere by very high level executives, celebrities, politicians, etc. so many people on the waiting list are eventually accepted. The joy of being admitted from the wait list is beyond what mere words can describe.

Question: Why put a limit on the number of attendees at all?

Answer: If the venue can handle everyone, we don't. But not every restaurant can handle 50+ people. Too many people crowding into a small space, standing for lack of seats, overwhelming the servers, having no idea who half the people are in attendance, etc. is not our cup of tea. We cap the attendance based on the reservation limit imposed by the restaurant or by what we think the venue can comfortably handle, but rarely more than 50.

Question: Is this a singles group? I could use a date.

Answer: No, it's not, although a few romances have emerged over the years. We have singles folks and quite a few married couples. On that subject, guys - be advised, we have ZERO tolerance for pushy, aggressive men hitting on our female members. Be a gentleman - or be gone.

Question: I RSVP'd yes for a Meetup but can't attend. It's not so much that I got called away by a celebrity, but rather I forgot to feed my cat.

Answer: Don't let Tinkerbell starve. Please change your RSVP to no so that a member on the wait list can try to fill the void created by your unexpected absence.

Question: What happens to members who RSVP "yes" for an event, but then don't show up?

Answer: If it happens repeatedly, they are (cheerfully) booted from the Meetup , out of respect for those that do show up. They can bribe their way back in with a few appetizers at the next event. Win win! Members who have established a track record of showing up reliably are granted some leeway.

Question: It's my first time attending. How do I find you good folks at the restaurant?

Answer: We will note under "logistics" in the event description tips on where and how to find us. If it's your first time, check out the pictures of the attendee list and scan the bar for a familiar face. If all else fails, walk through the restaurant and shout "Yo, meetup. I have arrived. The party starts now."

Question: How do you choose the restaurants?

Answer: Our criteria are: 1) offers a happy hour discount, 2) located in Naples or Bonita, 3) well above average food, 4) large enough space to accommodate our group, over one or two days, 5) bonus if they're willing to reserve space for us but not necessary, 6) allows a certain organizer to clean dishes in lieu of cash payment, should he be light on cash. If you've got a restaurant idea, message one of the organizers via Meetup email.

Question: What ages are your members?

Answer: All ages are welcome, but most of us are 40s to 65. We've found that much younger and older people tend to have different interests from us, not to mention their own Meetup groups. We love Millennials - our kids are Millennials - but they're still living with us and we need a break (hint). Also, they have a perpetual, standing social engagement - staring at their phones. We love older retired people as well, but are insanely envious of their pampered and carefree lifestyles. They have lower golf handicaps than us, start their happy hours at 3pm five days a week and are often napping by the time we get off work at 5 :-)

Question: Will you be adding Pickle ball to your activities? Freestyle Ouija Board readings on Machu Picchu? How about some out of the restaurant thinking?

Answer: We spend every waking moment researching, plotting and dreaming about happy hours. We're obsessed. Everything else in life is just a dark, empty and pointless void to us. We suggest you look elsewhere for such trivialities.

Question: I'm a multi-level marketer and on the prowl for new clients.


Network marketers are quite welcome in our group. We admire their spunk, resilience in the face of relentless rejection and unicorn handling skills. Their products and business opportunities, on the other hand, not so much.

We've still got a storage locker full of Amway motivational 8 track tapes, and a lifetime supply of anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-any-semblance-of-sanity-in-pricing cream, as you've probably noticed from our youthful appearances and empty wallets. So please leave the sales pitches at home

See you soon... in the happiest hour. Cheers!

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