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Hello and Welcome here! :) You're in the right place if you're sick of surviving and READY TO THRIVE!

You are committed to breaking the generational cycle of narcissistic abuse and you want to end it forever in as many areas in your life as you can as fast and as easily as possible. Right?

You want to:

- Build a Fulfilling and Prosperous Life on all levels (despite the setback that narcissistic abuse has been for you - you're ready to see it as a lesson, awakening and a gift - notice I said willing - you don't have to know how :))

-Create HEALTHY RECIPROCAL Relationships that are sustainable and successful (You're' ready to learn manifestation tools and apply them)

-Reclaim Your Power and Confidence so you can Live Your Divine Purpose (You're ready to fully OWN your life and make it the way YOU want it to be)

-Attract the RIGHT Partner for Lifelong Success in Love

-Willing to explore what WORKS even if it's not logical :)

NOT for you if:

- You don't know what narcissistic abuse is (this is not a beginner awareness group (meaning we don't discuss what narcissism IS, we discover HOW to heal ASAP) - look up narcissism and research it before you come to a meeting :))

- You have never been to therapy to address your emotional health or have never done any other kind of personal or spiritual growth work

-Not sincere about your personal empowerment and unwilling to invest resources in being powerful, whole and free

-Not willing to look at your part in this cycle and just want to blame others

-This group won't be very helpful if you're still living with a toxic person with narcissistic traits. This group is MOST helpful for people who have separated from the narcissist and are ready to heal.


Here's more details:

Many people have asked me over the years about the spiritual aspects of healing from narcissistic abuse.
I have come to see that as spiritual beings, our deepest need is to understand and heal at this level.

Believe it or not you have a part to play in this and your awareness, awakening and healing is part of healing the planet and I daresay the cosmos.

We will be taking a deep dive into spiritual healing here and learning how to leave narcissistic abuse permanently in the past.

Thankfully there are plenty of other groups on Facebook that will give you a space to explore narcissistic abuse from the traditional perspective. This group is NOT it. This is for people who are ready to CREATE Abundance and Fulfillment on every level.

Welcome and I look forward to our healing journey together.

Emilia Nagy B.SC. CMC

Founder, Master Coach at www.womanworthyoflove.com

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert

Reiki Healer and Minister

PS: We go through some deep work but we laugh a lot and have a lot of fun as we learn and grow. :) This group is intended to provide support in recovering from narcissistic abuse and learning and incorporating tools and strategies to move on and not only recover but also thrive after narcissistic abuse.

I want to be loud and clear about this: The mission of this group is to stop narcissistic abuse NOW. I don't mean in the whole world. I mean in YOUR life RIGHT NOW. I mean get healed and stop the cycle now and forever in YOUR family tree.


PS: A little about me:

I was raised in Communist Bulgaria in a family system heavily peppered with narcissistic traits as coping mechanisms for shame, trauma, depression, poverty, anxiety, a sense of inferiority, and culturally practiced humiliation.

Going through narcissistic abuse recovery has helped me reclaim my power and confidence, find my Divine Purpose, improve my physical and mental health, build a financially prosperous real estate business at six figures, build a loving marriage with my awesome soulmate and create some mutually fulfilling friendships.

I still struggle with the effects of narcissistic abuse in certain aspects of my life (for example emotional eating - using food to soothe and provide a feeling of safety and being nourished) but I practice every tool I teach to live a truly miraculous life. In fact I am working on my book which is exploring all the miracles that healing has brought into my life.

I am honored (and sometimes challenged!) to change the painful patterns I grew up with in my roles as a mother, wife, coach, daughter and friend.

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