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This group is to support the recovery of female victims and survivors of Narcissistic Abuse (NA) within North and West Yorkshire. The relationship with a Narcissist may be with a family member, friend, colleague or intimate partner. However, for the purpose of my discussions I will refer to narcissistic intimate partner relationships.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), is a personality disorder whereby the individual has a distorted self- image, prestige, power and personal adequacy. They are unstable, excessively preoccupied with vanity and lack empath, transparency, authenticity and have an inflated sense of superiority. The classic symptomology of Narcissistic Personality Disorder includes a grandiose sense of importance, preoccupation with boundless success, belief that he/she is special and unique, exploitative of other people, lacks empathy, is arrogant, manipulative and is jealous of others. These symptoms cause significant distress in a victim’s life and the adverse impact can have life long lasting changes.

The reality of the condition is devastating for the victim and quite often victims do not realise they have been abused until many years later. This is due to the drip, drip and accumulative effect of abuse which slowly erodes a person’s sense of identity and sense of self. Quite literally a victim becomes a shell of their former selves and may suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is also known has Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome. The Narcissist can go from being ‘loving and kind’ one minute to uncontrollable rages the next. They are a ticking time bomb and the victim lives permanently walking on egg shells as the relationship is so unpredictable. The Narcissist manages their victim down and the entire relationship is built on a false illusion and the cycle of narcissistic abuse. What they believed to be a loving relationship resulted in them being nothing more than narcissistic supply. The narcissistic abuse cycle includes Idealisation, also known as the love bombing stage, Devaluation stage and Discard stage. Once the cycle has been completed the Hoovering stage begins which is when the narcissist ‘sucks’ their victim back into their grasp and the cycle is repeated again and again until either the narcissist or the victim discards the other. If / when the relationship ends, whether initiated by you or as a result of an awful discard the dynamics of the Narcissists game continues just under a different veil. Depending on where you are on your journey you may be involved in messy divorce proceedings and or involved in the family courts regarding intractable disputes over contact / living arrangements for the child/ren etc. You may also be receiving counselling support to address some of the emotional issues and Complex-PTSD due to suffering Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome. In context this group will provide a safe space and supportive environment for those either still with the Narcissist or those who are finally free. Narcissism is not widely known or understood by communities and professional networks and victim's and survivors are often left feeling lonely and isolated which results in them being further traumatised. Currently we do not have a venue for Meet Up's to take place so if anyone knows of somewhere suitable please let either myself or Carol know. The initial Meet Up date TBA once expressions of interest to the group has been made.

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