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"Exploring the Blood and Guts of ST Microcontrollers" by David Starling

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Ever wonder how to setup the clock PLL or what the PLL is? Ever wonder about what the speed settings are used for on the GPIO pins? Wonder how the bootstrapping pull-ups work? Or what is a pull-up or pull-down?

We'll cover these and many other details of the inner workings of the STM32F series and included peripherals. As well as some "gotchas" on what "pin-compatible" really means from a firmware point of view. We'll cover some of the register programming details for using these chips, and there are certainly a lot of them! We may not cover them all, but hopefully after this talk, you'll be better able to navigate the thousands of pages of data sheets and reference manuals. There are many development boards, so if you have one, bring it along, otherwise we will show and tell some of the cool development kits that are provided with this family of microcontrollers.

We're broadening our horizons by having new food options available and live streaming, sponsored by Sturnus, Inc.

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