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What we’re about

We are the Outgoing Introverts, a group of people in their 20s and 30s who get together and do fun things in the Nashville area. We are introvert-friendly, which basically means that if you’re shy or quiet or intimidated by big social situations, there’s a place for you here! We host a range of events, many of them with small RSVP caps so that it’s not daunting to come and meet new people. As mentioned, we host a wide variety of events, so hopefully you can find one that interests you!  Also feel free to suggest or request something to us and we can try to make it happen.  
We want this group to be a safe, fun space for everyone involved. Here are some basic guidelines that we want everyone to follow so that we all have a good experience: 
1. Be courteous and kind. Since we are an introvert-friendly group, we want to make sure that everyone always feels welcome and never feels under attack or singled out. 
2. Don’t be a creeper. This one is super important! This group is not an online dating app. It’s one thing if you meet someone at an event and hit it off and you message each other through MeetUp afterward — that’s great! You should also NOT be messaging people you haven’t met in person. That’s not what this group is for, and if we get reports of you engaging in this kind of behavior, you will be kicked out. Also, this isn’t a professional networking group, so please don’t try to advertise or promote any business or services. This rule will be enforced strictly and with very little bias for obvious reasons.
3. Have a profile picture that shows your face and is accurate/ up to date, using your real name. This one is really for convenience— it’s a lot easier to find each other when we know who we’re looking for! If you’re going to an event for the first time, it can be really intimidating and scary trying to find the right group— but if you can look at the event RSVPs and see the different faces, it’s a lot easier to locate the right group! 
4. Please RSVP responsibly. This helps us as organizers, and it helps your fellow attendees know who to look for! If you can’t make it at the last minute, that’s okay— we understand that these things come up, and you’re not going to be penalized for that. We just ask that if your plans change and you need to cancel, please update your RSVP. Follow these guidelines, and we’ll be good! 
If you have any questions, you can reach out to any one of the event organizers. We are a group that’s run by committee— a very unofficial, totally casual, let’s all help each other out kind of committee. Which is to say that if you have an idea for an event, or there’s something interesting coming up that you think would be fun to do with a group, you can message any of the event organizers and we can help you set it up. Or if you want to be an event organizer, we’re always looking for people to be more involved!

For any interested in donating to help maintain the cost of running the Meetup please follow this link -

We are keeping commenting public however please keep it to communicating and organizing stuff with the group.  Don't use the public comment system to promote or advertise personal services or meetups.