What we're about

Imagine the pride and satisfaction of living in your own home....especially one that you build yourself!!!!

Don't think you can- many others have thought that exact thought.

We are creating and educating a community of people who are interested in building their own home and then empower them with the skills to successfully oversee the complete process.

Then they are encouraged share and to coach others thru that same journey which cements the lessons they have learned.

This community helps to remove the fear and uncertainty of the home building process by fostering sharing of experiences and mistakes with others.

We are seeking those that are interested in investing the "smart" equity and sweat equity necessary to significantly impact their building process.

Even those who hadnt yet considered building their own home are encouraged to stop by, listen and keep an open mind to the advantages of this endeavor.

We will be holding regular meetings which allow the face to face connections necessary to create the sharing community which can generate ideas and stimulate creative solution thinking.

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