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What we’re about

Children in Nature is a nature-based play group for kids age 0-13 and their families/caregivers, Moms/Dads/grandparents and caregivers all welcome, of course. :) Inspired by the books The Last Child In the Woods and The Geography of Childhood: Why Children Need Wild Places, we are trying to help families get outside and play together.  We will schedule hikes, play & explore, events at the Nature Centers and more.  We encourage members to suggests activities and even lead one of your own.  

The meet up is run by Laura Johnson and her team at Leadership Academy. At Leadership Academy believes that play and exploration increases creativity, confidence and social intelligence.  Leadership Academy runs four local day camps: Camp Warner Park, Camp Bells Bend Beaman, Nashville Sail Camp and Teen Leadership Adventure. The goal is to get more people outside, exploring, learning, playing and having fun so they develop a strong sense of self and a deeper connection to nature.

Laura is passionate about helping others find time to be outside and grow appreciation for nature and outdoor play. With this passion, Laura has spent her career as a professional Camp Director, operating summer camps and recreation facilities for over 16 years with Girl Scouts, YMCAs and other nonprofits. Her career focus is making a positive impact in the lives of children and young adults.  Laura is a lover of the outdoors and is an avid hiker, sailor, paddler and adventure-seeker in Nashville, Tennessee.