Seer Saturdays at Aroma G's with Deb Randolph and Alison Harris



Deb has brought mystical education and training, together with professional intuitive and healing services to the public for over 30 years. Her wide variety of knowledge, experience, and gifts combine for a unique and individual session.

Intuitive readings with Deb often begin with tarot and/or oracle cards. Spirit will tailor your session with Deb by having her incorporate techniques such as Shamanism, Reiki, crystals and quantum energies. She is a conduit who will channel, convey, and interpret messages from your Guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, and other divine entities/energies not in the current realm of your physical presence.

Bring an open mind and open heart to your session and you will receive blessings from Beyond.

15 min readings for $30
30 min $55

Cash and Credit Cards Accepted


Join Alison in the Spirit Room @ 1pm for a complimentary presentation with private appointments to follow.

Alison's background in animal husbandry was a perfect foundation for developing her animal communication skills. She is able to telepathically connect with your animal, and act as an interpreter, giving your animal a voice. It can create dialog around dangerous or undesired behaviors, bringing a resolution that works for all. It also enables us to explore health issues, or insight into past experiences a rescue animal has had. Alison works on all domestic species,living or deceased.

All that is needed is a picture of the animal, the owner's permission, and a brief description.

30 Minute General Session: $60+

Includes basic information, like your animal’s perception of their environment, what they enjoy, dislikes, and what they might want to tell you. This is also a perfect amount of time to communicate with a deceased animal.

45 Minute Session: $90+

Includes the general questions in addition to any specific questions you may have. This could include health issues you wish to explore, past trauma with a rescue animal, or behavior issues you wish to understand better and resolve.

60 Minute Incense Session: $120+

Includes all of the above with time to thoroughly explore and negotiate long standing behavior issues or full body scan for health issues.

30 Minute Assistance with your Ailing Pet: $25 +

If your animal is nearing the end of his/ her life, in pain or discomfort, I can help you find closure and understand how to support your friend in this transition.

Cash and credit accepted

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR GUEST READERS. Want to be one of our readers? If you would like to become one of our readers for a Friday night, simply fill out the online application here:

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Saturdays 10-7pm we offer walk-in readings with a different special guest each week.

Our readers are knowledgeable, ethical and share our vision of empowering our patrons with the tools they need to live their best life on their own terms.

Many of our guests are Tarot or Oracle card readers. Other guests have also been: palm readers, intuitive readers (no cards, etc.), mediums, astrologers, automatic writers.

$$$ Rates vary with each reader. Usually, between $1 and $2 per minute so a good, 15 minute reading would be between $15 and $30 in most cases.

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