Taking a Gamble With Functional Domain Modeling

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Taking a Gamble With Functional Domain Modeling

Over the past few years, Functional Programming has entered the mainstream when it comes to libraries and frameworks for various kinds of technologies and there are plenty of tutorials and resources to learn the basics.

With that being said, when it comes to building something non-trivial, there's a gap between what tutorials cover and real world situations. For example, how do we model a system that makes illegal states unrepresentable? How do we handle operations that can fail? How do we combine business rules with applications rules?

In this talk, I'm going to show you how to tackle these concerns as we model the game of Blackjack. By doubling down on concepts like algebraic data types, Options, and Results, you'll learn how to build applications that work in the real world.

Cameron Presley is a Lead Software Engineer for SentryOne (https://www.sentryone.com), a speaker, a Microsoft MVP, Director of Speaker Relations for CodeStock (@CodeStock) and co-organizer of FunctionalKnox (@FunctionalKnox).

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron has ten years of experience working with start-ups and large enterprise both publicly and privately held to architect solutions, implement solutions, and training developers to be better today than what they were yesterday!

In his spare time, Cameron can be found hanging out with his family, playing board games, jamming on the bass guitar, and reading books.

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