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Future Proof SEO: Architecture

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Want to learn SEO, the Right way, for Free?

We've started a 4 month series to share a new methodology with you and the rest of our group.

Jan 29: Overview of SEO = Architecture + Content + Engagement (
Feb 26: Deep dive into Architecture
March 26: Deep dive into Content (
April 30: Deep dive into Engagement (
This 4 month series will give anyone, regardless of expertise, a good foundation in how to perform SEO that works today & will work in the future.

We released a free ebook on this methodology at the Jan 29 meeting to all who attended.

In 18 years of SEO work, I've realized that most information about SEO is either mistaken, misguided or both. This is my attempt to help everyone (from newbie to "professionals") to take the right path & get away from the tricks and risky manipulation that so many followed in the past. Future proof SEO isn't a quick fix or a shortcut to success but it will help you get the visibility that you deserve and help you avoid the Google penalties that have claimed so many victims recently.

RSVP now and join us Feb 26 @ 6:30pm at Emma's Bistro. If you need to get better online visibility, you can't afford to miss this meetup.

Can't make it to the free meeting on Thursday night? We offer an Encore Presentation on Friday, 2/27 for $20. Pizza & drinks included. RSVP here. (

Founded in 2010, the Nashville SEO Group is a free Special Interest Group (SIG) that meets every month to discuss Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Led by Ross Jones of 2theTop Web Design (, the Nashville SEO Group is open to anyone interested in improving their overall web presence.

11 Lea Ave · Nashville, TN