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The Nashville Synthesizer Meetup is a group for anyone who loves the synthesizer and electronic music production! From modular synths to FM synthesis and from voltage control to MIDI control, everyone is welcome. You can expect people at the meetup to bring their gear, and hopefully we can bring in synth professionals to speak and demonstrate new gear as well. EDM fans are also welcome, but this is not only a group focused on one musical style - it's about sound creation of all types. In a town known for guitars, we hope to bring the synthesizer users together to stake their electronic claim on music city!

Past events (40)

NEMS February Meetup (BAR NIGHT)

Two Bits

NEMS January Meetup (Warehouse & Chill)

DJ Connection

For Pass the AUX participants

Needs a location

NEMS November Meetup

SAE Institute of Technology

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