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A free organization dedicated to promoting and scheduling adult recreation soccer games here in town. We are open to all adults, male and female, every race, young and old, new and experienced. Come out and have a good time. Leave the fouls at home.

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Saturday Morning Game at ROSE

ES Rose Park

The Saturday morning game at Rose is back for 2020! • Regular outdoor rules apply. Remember to play nice and keep the fouls to a minimum! • Bring goals and balls if you have them. • We don't have a regular organizer yet. If you are interested in the role, let Craig know. • If Rose isn't available when you show up, please post a suitable alternative in the comments.

Sunday @ Rose Park

ES Rose Park

This is generally the biggest game of the week, and it gets a bit hectic. Please keep the games friendly and self-organize as much as possible. As usual, Centennial is the backup location.

Hermitage Tuesday Indoor @ NOON

Hermitage Community Center

The Hermitage indoor game is now on TUESDAYS@NOON. SPECIAL COVID RULES: 12 attendees maximum Everyone must wear a mask entering and leaving the building. Players must bring their own water. Full court game of 4v4. 3rd team swaps every ten minutes, waits outside the building until replaced. Other rules as before Rules are similar to our other indoor games: * Limited to 18 attendees; you must sign up here to ensure a spot. * 5 vs 5: maximum of 3 teams of 6 players. * RSVP up to 7 days in advance. * No sidelines or endlines. * No slide tackles * Players substitute in fixed order, switching after each game. * LATE CANCEL & NO SHOW POLICY: You must remove your name from the list at least TWO HOURS before kickoff. If you do not, you will not be allowed to play the following week. * No fighting or foul language -- keep a good relationship with our hosts, who let us play for free!

Indoor Soccer at Shelby

Shelby Park

Hello players, We are restarting our indoor game every Tuesday at Shelby Community Center(East Nashville). * Game Format: 5 vs 5 , 3-Teams, 1 or 2-Subs/team * Organizer will assign you to a team with the intent of balancing skill and keeping it competitive. * The organizer will also assign a captain to each team and he or she is responsible for smooth transition of subs: each player will be given a number and rotate according to that sequence. RSVP Up to 7 days in advance LATE CANCEL & NO SHOW You will not be allowed to play the following 2 weeks. We have a very lenient late cancel policy (2 hours) so simply no contention, no excuse please whether there were spaces left or not! ETIQUETTE 1. Refrain from excessive coaching during the game. 2. Refrain from excessive use of foul language. 3. If someone calls a foul, it's a foul. No arguing about it. 4. No fighting, of course. LOCAL GAME RULES 1. No Side & End Line! (This makes for free flowing game) 2. All kick-offs (initial or following a goal) must be taken from the center mark. 3. Sliding is allowed only near a goal area to protect it, but sliding tackles are not allowed at all. PRICE No cost unless announced far in advance.

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Sunday @ Rose Park

ES Rose Park

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