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Hello new ice breakers.

Take the initiative and you will have amazing results. This group has grown so much over the years and will continue to grow thanks to members that are willing to step out of their comfort zone, meet new people, and have a great time. If you are willing to do the same you’ll fit right in and have an amazing experience.

You’re responsible for your own fun. So together let’s make it happen!

Who's in this group?

In terms of members the group is designed for people that are active, like to party, ready to make some friends, and overall just like having a good time. I don’t tolerate negativity. We’re here to have fun.

The recent survey results: the group is 99% between the ages of 21 and 45. With a 60-40 female-male split. About 75% single.

Suggesting events guide lines:

1. Plan it out a few weeks in advance.

2. Have a definite Location and date/time posted.

3. In the description include: a description of the event, a meeting spot, contact info (phone number), and a way to find each other.

4. Do not post events that are for advertising your event, band, or business. Unless you’ve gotten permission from me. (Requests will be rejected unless I deem they have value to the group.)

Keep in mind the purpose of this group is for its members to meet, hang out, and have a good time while doing cool activities. If you want to suggest an event please discuss it with me (Ryan) first. I've spent years building this group and its not here for you to take advantage of.

Welcome to Young Nashville Ice Breakers!

Founder and Organizer,


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