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The Nashville B&C Meetup is for those that are new and curious about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and folks that have been around for years. In fact we hope to bring meaningful interactions between those that need a hand getting started and those in the know. We are passionate about this new industry and excited for what it can mean for individuals, and also the impact we expect to see on the world. The price action is fun and has created a lot of attention but becoming fluent in the practice of understanding digital assets will be a skill as important as conducting a Google search in the near future. It has always been a volatile place and often difficult or scary to deal with these assets. Hopefully we can add a level of comfort.

A boy asked his bitcoin-investing father for $10.

Father: $9.82? What do you need $10.08 for?

Get it!?

We will regularly be hosting a monthly meet up somewhere on the south side of town where we can discuss news, share interests, and answer some questions. I also hope to be posting articles and podcasts to try and keep the information flowing. Feel free to make a post to the page or contact us directly. Email nativebtc @ protonmail . com and Twitter @nativebtc


Nothing that is said in this group by myself or other members should be construed as investment advice. I am passionate about cryptocurrency but you should ALWAYS do your own research. LOTS of research.

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