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The purpose of this meetup is to provide an opportunity for people in the greater Natick area to come together and discuss a variety of intellectual topics, from social issues to philosophical matters, and even politics. The emphasis is on discussion, not debate; on speaking with people, not talking at people; and on listening and hopefully learning. As we become more and more enveloped in social media, we lose the ability to have meaningful discussions with those who have different or opposing views. It is well known in sociology that with every step of removal from each other, it becomes easier to treat each other poorly. It is easiest to lie to your boss about being sick via email, a bit harder if you call in to work and speak with them directly, and harder still if you try to lie to their face. The more we separate ourselves from our neighbors, the less likely we are to recognize that we are all more similar than dissimilar. If you enjoy intellectual discourse and want to engage more with your neighbors on a deeper level, this may be the group for you. Details are still being ironed out, but essentially, a topic would be chosen and people would sign up to attend that meeting if they found the topic interesting. An example topic might be:

Scientist have been able to quadruple the lifespan of the earthworm through genetic engineering. If we reached the point where we could, say, double the human lifespan, would you choose to live to be 150? What would the economic ramifications be? What kind of toll would this take on the environment?

A moderator would be chosen to manage the discussion and ensure that everyone got a chance to talk, as well as ensure that things remained civil. We are currently looking to meet at the Morse Library in a reserved room. As time progresses, it would be nice to find a cafe or restaurant so that we could enjoy food and drinks during our discussions. Finally, if you are thinking of signing up, please remember this: We can be good and civil to each other even if we don't see eye to eye on every matter. Try to come in with an open mind, and try to listen as much as you speak. A rule I have been using lately with myself is to ask three questions before I say that I disagree with someone, just to ensure that I really know what they are saying.

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