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Native American Medicine Wheel Teachings
This weekend we will be working in the North-east of our Circle of Self - Design and Choreography of Energy The North-east of the Medicine Wheel is the place of movement and design of energy. Here in our Circle of Self we can be in the "driver seat" - at cause in our lives - or feel as if we are in the back seat being driven by another, or by life events. The North-east holds both control and surrender: we have responsibility for the choices and actions we take, but we do not dance alone. If we can surrender to the holding that is here, feel ourselves part of the greater dance of all the worlds, we are enriched and nourished beyond measure. In the outer circle of the North-east are the Hokishideh-hey, the great singers of the Web of Creation, connecting all life with the pure sound of essence. In our human desire to control we can lose all that connects us with life. If we abdicate responsibility to another, we miss the waves that we can surf. To surf is to choreograph: to wait, to watch, to sense, to choose, and then move forward with all our resources while deeply held by all the Worlds. In this weekend's teachings, we will consider the North-east of our own Circle, exploring the balance of control and surrender, and how our North-east co-ordinates and works with the rest of our Circle of Self to find our way of forward withconnection and holding. The weekend start on Saturday 21st July 10-5pm and continues on Sunday 22nd July 10-5pm. Cost is £91 for whole weekend. Please bring cushion if you want to sit on the floor or a chair if you prefer. Bring lunch to share or just for you. Parking available at back of hall or on street, please do not park at front of hall as this is residents parking. Any questions, queries, please do get in touch. Blessings Caroline Peace Wolf.

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Native American Medicine Wheel Teachings 11-12th Nov 2017. 10am - 5pm cost £87 Atworth Village Hall, Bath Road, SN12 8JY Contact:

Often people feel disconnected from the world around them, as if something once known and cherished has been lost. Indigenous teachings show us ways of returning to our own roots, of honouring self, others and ancestors. The teachings of the wheels allow each individual to work at their own level but also to share in the group experience. We work with the 5 different aspects of the human: spirit, body knowing, emotions, heart mind, and soul. Our teachings are always done in the way of ceremony, bringing an extraordinary unfolding in which we come to see ourselves and our world anew.

In November we will explore the South West aspect of the Medicine Wheel, the place of the Kachina-hey; the Great Sleeper Dreamers; and the place of our own Sacred Dream.
Our Sacred Dream is made up of our personal dream; our ambitions in work, family and relationships; our collective dream; what we aspire for as part of community and the Sacred Dream; the dream of Life itself and all that connects us.

When we are born we come with strong connection to our Sacred Dream but as we grow this connection can become hidden or closed down. Our experiences in life can help fire up our dreams but can also dampen them down, sometimes to the point where we may no longer dare to dream at all. We may have learnt of only one aspect of the dream, the personal, and so may have become disconnected from the wider all encompassing Dream of the Sacred, the dream that brings us all together, that exists in all things and is heard as the Song of the Universe.

This weekend will offer you an opportunity to connect again with all aspects of your Sacred Dream. How this is in your life today, how you are manifesting this in the wider community and the song you carry that comes from the stars. We will work in Ceremony with the help and support of the Kachina-hey and the Ancestors to help you step into your Dream, that you have always carried and longed to live. We ask for the blessings and guidance of the Kachina-hey; the great Sleeper Dreamers who hold the Dream of all Life for all of the worlds, as they sleep in the stillness of the mountains, in the depth of the oceans and the infinity of the heavens above.

These weekends are open to everybody, no experience necessary. We leave plenty of space for questions and in the way of ceremony you will be met by Spirit where you are now and receive what Spirit knows you need.

Teachers: Jan Adamson (EAGLE THUNDER) (Dip. Counselling, Dip. Hum. Pysch., M.A.) has completed a 15 year training in the Native American tradition and also trained with Aboriginal teacher and healer, Lorraine Mafi-Williams. Caroline Sharp (Peace Wolf Dreams the Earth)(Dip. Counselling) has been training in this work for 18years and is now a Journeyer. She has also worked with Lei'ohu Rider, a Hawiaan teacher and singer.

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