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What we’re about

In this group you will learn about "the good Red Road," aka Native American Lifeways and Spirituality. Lectures, workshops, drumming circles, crafts and other events are presented. These are offerred to anybody who is interested, regardless of heritage. You need not have any prior experience or knowledge to participate, just a willingness to learn.
We welcome all: full-blood, mixed-blood, no-blood, women, men, LGBTQ, latinex, all nationalities, ages, and backgrounds. We only ask you respect all others when attending a Meet Up.

The meet ups are led by Grandfather Rick McBride who is mixedblood Ani'yunwi'ya (aka Tsalagi, or Cherokee) whose knowledge comes from actual experience and the direct teachings from a number of traditional elders he has been privileged to associate with over the years.

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