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Canku Lute Amani: Walking the Red Road

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Canku Lute Amani: Walking the Red Road

Grandfather Rick McBride $20

The term "Red Road" is starting to show up in certain corners of mainstream culture these days. What does it mean? More to the point, what does it imply?

To Walk the Red Road is to declare one's adherence to certain cultural aspects, if not all, of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (aka North America.) Like anything else in mainstream America, this is often in "degrees of." For instance, some are drawn to the feathers and beads and buckskin, what we call material culture. Others focus more on ceremony and understanding nature and the universe, what we might call spiritual ways.

This talk will look at all of these ideas and practices and more. The purpose is to acquaint you to "the basics" and for some, to add to your growing knowledge of these ways. I encourage your questions during the presentation.

Rick McBride is mixedblood Tsalagi (Cherokee) who has walked the Red Road for over 30 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a sundancer and has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing and so forth. He has been publicly teaching these ways for some ten years now. It has taken him years of dedicated interaction with many Elders, as well as his activities as a ceremonial leader to get to this place in his life.

For further information, visit his website: Canku Lute (