PeerLab Kyiv #NativeDev: Code injections using ptrace


Welcome to presentation on topic "Code injections using ptrace".

Presentation content:
* PART 1: warming up
- dynamic libraries(shared objects) structure
- shared objects loading
- trick with LD_PRELOAD environment variable
* PART 2: hardcore
- using ptrace system call
- searching function in a memory-mapped process.
- process memory state manipulation
- thread execution manipulation

Format: mini-conference

17:30 - 19:00 - official part: presentation
19:00 - ..... - unofficial part: beer lab in pub

speaker: Alexei Lozovsky

Target audience: Linux Developers(all levels, including 99😁), and all who is interested in system programming internals.
Prerequisites: good knowledge of C programming language and good mood.

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