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Meet-ups and Tech-Talks for native developers in Ukraine. About native development (on languages that compiled to native arch binaries C/C++/Rust) and all that is associated with. The Goal of community is experience/knowledge exchange.

Show up to meetings, get involved remotely through chat, and join in on the conversation, become a public speaker on Tech-Talk in domain interesting for you, share your knowledge, use experience exchange for your skills improvement and professional growth.

Unite local communities:
• PeerLab Kyiv #Native Developers (more info (https://peerlab-kyiv-native-dev.github.io))
• PeerLab Kharkiv #Rust (telegram group (https://t.me/peerlab_kharkiv_rust))
• PeerLab Dnipro #Native Developers (telegram group)
• PeerLab Kyiv #MacOS Developers(telegram group)
• here can be local community from our city

Upcoming events (2)

PeerLab Kharkiv #Rust: Rust 1.34 Release in Depth

Format: coffee and chatting Meet up plan: * knowledge and news sharing - 30 minutes * discuss new shiny things in Rust 1.34 release and Async/await story - 60 minutes * share what you are working on - 30 minutes Main communication language is Ukrainian / Russian. Just respond to "Are you going?" box on the right, if you plan to join us (this helps us to estimate the space we need to reserve). Join our community Telegram group: https://t.me/peerlab_kharkiv_rust

PeerLab Kyiv #NativeDev: Linux Network Driver Development.

Welcome to the presentation "Linux Network Driver Development". Presentation content: - Simple Network Driver BareBone - Connecting to the Kernel - The net_device Structure in Detail - Opening and Closing - Packet Transmission - Packet Reception - The Interrupt Handler - Receive Interrupt Mitigation - Changes in Link State - The Socket Buffers - MAC Address Resolution - Custom ioctl Commands - Statistical Information - Multicast - A Few Other Details Format: mini-conference Schedule: 17:30 - 19:30 - official part: presentation 19:30 - ........ - unofficial part: beer lab in pub speaker: Oleh Franchuk Target audience: Linux Kernel/Drivers Developers, C/C++/Go/Rust developers interested in networking internals. Please, take your laptop with preinstalled gcc toolchain Contacts: telegram group: https://t.me/peerlab_NativeDev telegram channel with events announcements: https://t.me/peer_lab_kyiv_announcements Get Involved: for developers: just drop us a message if you desire to be a speaker. for companies: we will appreciate if you provide a conference room for this event.

Past events (7)

PeerLab Dnipro #NativeDev: Modern C++: Universal (forwarding) references.

Kniazia Volodymyra Velykoho Street, 34

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