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Saturday Early Afternoon English at the Barbican!
If you are interested in practising your English and meeting new people in a relaxed environment, then please join us at the Barbican Centre in the City of London! Primarily, the session will be focused on improving your speaking and listening skills. Thus, we will engage in general conversation with regard to various topics - all along, I will correct your English where necessary and suggest better expressions to make your English sound more like that of a native speaker :) It would be good if you could let me know in advance if there are any particular topics you would like to discuss. The £4 fee can be paid in cash on the day.

Barbican Centre

Silk Street · City of London


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Want to practise your English, meet new people and get some fun exercise from time to time? The common thing I hear from foreign speakers of English is that they don't get enough opportunities to practise their language skills with native speakers who can correct their English, answer any questions they may have and suggest better, more idiomatic expressions. In short, to communicate more like a British person! I am a native and qualified teacher of English from London and I run regular meetups in London and Surrey to help you improve your English at all levels, whether it be for conversation or exams such as IELTS. I also organise some fun sports event such as rounders and cricket (with a soft ball) where you can interact with other people and get a bit of exercise while still practising your English.

The usual format of each language session is that I start off by giving you some typical English expressions such as idioms, phrasal verbs and key grammar. We then practise these expressions in exercises and general conversation regarding various topics of interest. All along, I correct your English where necessary and suggest better phrases to make you sound more like a native speaker :)

If you require extra help with your English, such as one-to-one tuition or proofreading, feel free to contact me via this website, by email (, by phone (+44(0)7702870350) or by Skype (Keith Punter).

Best wishes and hope to see you soon!


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