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We will have many Meetup programs to select from each month. There are two types of Natural Health Strategies for Abundant Health Programs that will be offered. They are:

Reoccurring Monthly Meetings


Non Reoccurring Meetings

You are welcome to attend all of these meetings or pick and choose which ones you would like to attend.

Reoccurring Meetings: There are two meeting topics that occur every month and are held at our Health Center in San Jose. They are:

The underlying key self-help Natural Strategies for Abundant Health (Click to see full description.)

Self-Trigger Point Therapy for Pain and Stress Relief (Click to see full description.)

Non Reoccurring Meetings: These meetings are not given every month. They are focused on a specific health concern. The last 15 to 20 minutes is devoted to questions and answers as well as a lively and fun discussion always occurs. Our goal is for you to leave the Meetup with powerful strategies that you can immediately implement to make big improvements in this specific health concern for you and your loved ones. Among the topics planned for future Meetups are:

·Blood Sugar Balance Strategies to Avoid Disease, Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Great!

·Natural Strategies for Allergies and Asthma

·Natural Strategies for Sluggish Thyroid

·Natural Strategies for High Blood Pressure

These Meetups will be held at different locations throughout Santa Clara County. (Click on the topics listed above to see full description)

It is our hope that this Meetup group will illuminate for you how your body may become unbalanced and ill health may occur and how it may be restored through natural means. We mentioned that you will gain guiding principles to help you be vibrantly healthy through your whole life and specific self-help methods to greatly improve your health concerns. Most of all, we hope you gain a determination to not settle for ill health and disease as your fate or destiny. Instead, we hope you embrace the healing potential inside you and actively seek natural ways to enhance your health and live in vitality. We feel blessed every day in our commitment to fulfill our mission statement, “To love, serve and empower all people by releasing the power within; creating the highest quality of life!”

About the Speakers: For over 30 years, Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C. and Dr. Allen Dubner D. C. have served the Silicon Valley at Dubner Family Chiropractic located in San Jose, CA. They have helped thousands become healthier through natural methods. Their enthusiastic, fact-filled and user-friendly presentations make them popular throughout the Bay Area. For more information call Drs. Dubner at (408) 996-1042 or visit our website at www.dubnerchiropractic.com.

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Home Healthcare Class Talk #1

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