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You are invited to join us for natural health care solutions through doTERRA essential oils! If you are interested in learning more about how essential oils support the body and emotions for heath and wellness for you and your family-- this is the place for you! We have weekly classes on essential oils and how to use them to manage health issues, stress, sleep issues, pain and more and even help you to reduce your toxic load by replacing household cleaners! Come experience the oils -- smell and feel the benefits of doTERRA essential oils for yourself!

Even if an essential oil is pure, it may not be potent. If the correct species or section has not been used, or if proper growing, harvesting, and distillation practices are not followed, the natural chemical makeup will not provide a predictable and powerful benefit. In fact, the wrong plant, harvested at the wrong time may result in harmful levels of consistents. Doterra oils are sources from plants grown in their native habitats-- indigenous grown, harvested and extracted-- they are the highest quality of oils possible.Drawing on extracts from natural habitats is critical in achieving the maximum benefits and quality. The plants undergo the most rigorus extraction practices to maintain those vital properties. With proven results, many prestigious resorts, elite spas nutritional practices, gyms and health care providers recommend doTERRA!

But don't take my word for it-- research and then come experience the oils for yourself!! You have not had real peppermint oil until you have had doterra peppermint oil!

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