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Natural Mind Meditation in the Dzogchen tradition-ongoing
Whether you are an experienced meditator or you are curious and wish to learn about meditation, join Geshe Dangsong Namgyel for lecture, meditation, questions, answers, and the inspiration of Kunsang Gar Wisdom! In this on-going class, we explore Natural Mind or DzogChen meditation. Natural Mind meditation is from Dzogchen in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. What this ancient knowledge teaches is that we already have a purity of Natural Mind and all of its qualities but we aren’t normally aware of it. These qualities are veiled by our normal conceptions. It is said that Natural Mind is beyond mind and beyond description. It is the ultimate truth. It is compared to the inconceivable vastness of space, with luminosity and clarity, and a depth of wisdom. With this meditation we can see through conceptional and emotional patterns and experience a bigger, more open perspective. Suggested donation: $10; $5 low income.

Corralitos Cultural Center

127 Hames Road · Watsonville, CA