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This Group welcomes everyone who really wants to seek spirituality as a practice. The Practice is really unique and simple in itself. It allows you to dive deep into our hearts and seek the Ultimate within. It helps to grow a person mentally, physically and more importantly morally. Had we ever thought what is the purpose of us being born as human beings? Why are we born in a particular country and in a particular family? Why are we given life to live, and is there anything higher that we can evolve to? Everything evolves into something, then shouldn't a human being be able to evolve into something higher? Please come join us to learn the Reality of Life and benefit from it. It is absolutely free and there is never going to be any charge of any kind. It is mainly to help you relax and meditate to develop your consciousness.

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Meditation for new members

University of Central Florida

Heartfulness Meditation and relaxation

WFPL Pensacola library

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