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Natural Way of Living promotes health and wellness though natural simple techniques including meditation, energy healing and proper walking.

Would you like to explore ways that can lead you to a more joyful life in the most natural way? We were created to be happy. Our emotional state tend to be in flux due to our busy mind and worrisome nature.

Our bodies are equipped with natural healing abilities. But our own busyness, stressful and hectic lives lead to many blockages in our body which often results in physical, mental and emotional ailments.

We would like to invite you to explore various ways to experience and access the Love, Peace & Calmness from within as well as reactivate your body's natural healing system to bring rejuvenation and integration of our body, mind and spirit.

We will host public introduction to various modalities as well as formal workshops, offered through the Padmacahaya Institute (Padmacahaya.com) and the Natural Way of Living (Natural-Walking.com) to help you achieve your true inner state of being so that you can enjoy a natural and joyful life.

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Relax, Smile & be Joyful :)

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Upcoming events (2)

Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop - Strong Body, Happy Heart

2 Half Day workshops May 22 & 23 10:00am-1:30pmPST
For workshop and registration details: https://naturalwayofliving.com/project/secrets-of-natural-walking-2/

USA Residents - Workshop Rate $180USD for most USA Major Cities. Outside of USA, please register first and we will provide you with the Rate as it's based on Country of Residence.

Are you experiencing any Pain in your body, such as Back, Knees, Hip, Shoulder etc.?
Are you stressed often?
Do you have physical conditions or ailments?
Would you like to be Happy from the Inside?

Look no further! Check out some of the beautiful testimonials of what Secrets of Natural Walking can bring to transform you from inside out ranging from instant Postural Transformation within the workshop, to weight loss, pain relief, improved health and being happy from inside out after 21 Days Challenge etc.


In this current pandemic, we are in need of physical activities and calmer mind and heart. Secrets of Natural Walking is like Acupuncture without the Needles, Reflexology without touch and Meditation in Movement.

This program include the necessary physical movement which offers healthier body, postural correction, boosts immune system, calms our mind, relieves stress, worries and burdens. This practice doesn't require space and you can even practice in your kitchen or bedroom. You will learn good habits to carry onto your regular daily walk.

Participants have reported phenomenal results after taking this workshop and practicing regularly:
- Normalization of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar & Cholesterol (readings on the Lipid Panel)
- Postural Alignment (some even grew a bit taller as spine elongated)
- Better Sleep
- Feel less stressed and more calm
- Muscles including Core more toned

Advanced Reiki Tummo Workshops (Pre-requisite Level 2)

Online event

Pre-requisites for all these workshops: Reiki Tummo Level 2
Rates are based on Country of Residence. USA Residents:
Reiki Tummo 3A $275
Meditation: $180
Kundalini: $160

Last Day to Register Without Late Fees - Wednesday June 9,[masked]pmPST

Please visit https://naturalwayofliving.com/project/meditation-kundalini-reiki-tummo-3a/ for workshop details and registration information.
With Joy & Gratitude, we are announcing our next round of Advanced Reiki Tummo workshops, to be conducted Online Via Zoom on June 12 & 13. Instructor Martha Luz, Coordinator Laura.

June 12 7am-3pmPST
Reiki Tummo 3A - Advanced Reiki Tummo attunement AND Bonus Shing Chi attunement. Advance the level of Energy Channeling as well as Accelerate Spiritual Advancement

June 13 7am to 11amPST
Meditation - Activation of Pineal Gland and Strengthen your Spiritual Heart

June 13 12pm to 4pmPST
Kundalini -Accelerate the Kundalini cleansing and purifying process and Stimulate the Core of Kundalini. Allow Spiritual Heart to be more open.

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