What we're about

This group is located in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL area and we will motivate women and others to GO NATURAL and STAY NATURAL.

We will also discuss the following:

-Why 5 out of 10 women who wear weaves, wigs, scarves and hats are suffering from “Female Pattern Baldness”

-Why women are misdiagnosed with “Alopecia"

-Why “Female Minoxidil” for women and "Rogaine" for men for hair growth causes heart attacks

-Why hair issues causes low self-esteem and depression and how to treat depression naturally

-What does GMOs have to do with your hair and...

- The correct way to take care of your hair.

We will feature workshops, seminars and webinars from natural hair stylists and other holistic and natural wellness experts -- so join us today.

We also have a new facebook.com group entitled "Natural Hair and Health (https://www.facebook.com/groups/171126446567131/)." Join us today!

Email CathyHarrisSpeaks@gmail.com , call or text anytime, 512-909-7365

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