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The 5 Chinese Elements
An in-depth look at the 5 Chinese elements used in the orient for centuries and how it improves & balances your lifestyle and physical health going forward in life. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn how to manage this puzzling positive secret that puts things into perspective for you by arranging your 5 Element energies in the right order to drastically improve your physical, mental,emotional spiritual health energy & Direction in life! There is a way to put all the pieces together!

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What we're about

Natural Healing Club

(in association with the International Loyal Order of Imperial Healing Warriors)

We invite you to become a member of the Natural Healing Club and take back responsibility for your own health through gaining some old lost forgotten Ancient Natural Healing techniques, and practicing them to help prevent health issues before they have a chance to get serious!


Our Mission as united members of the Natural Healing Club is to meet at least once a month to become familiar with many of these Ancient Natural Healing Practices to maintain vibrant health & well being for ourselves and our loved ones. Our goal is to improve health through proven natural means and sharing this knowledge with others of the same mindset.

Meeting regularly allows us to develop the capacity to correct current health challenges with ease as the Ancient Healers did in times of old.

It's not only our goal, but our hope, to prevent the loss of these ancient techniques which were passed down over 1000's of years ago.

We have this wonderful knowledge at our disposal to assist in taking care of just about everything this toxic world has to throw at you.

You will be totally amazed and astounded how quickly you will be able to develop the skills to EVALUATE health STRESSES of the human body and know with surety, IF what you are doing or using is having a positive affect on healing the body?

We welcome EVERYBODY!

Housewives, Students, Enthusiasts, MDs, Nurses, Natural Healers and Practitioners of all types.

This Club is for beginners as well as experienced practitioners of the natural healing arts.


Why become a CERTIFIED healer?

Just think what would happen if there was a catastrophe that created a shortage of doctors and/or it was not affordable to see a doctor.

What if there was no diagnostic medical equipment? (which costs thousands)

Wouldn't you be glad to have this ancient knowledge to evaluate health issues naturally?

What if there was no medicine?

Wouldn't you be glad to have the knowledge to heal by natural means? Essential oils, herbs, body work.

This is why we also have affordable training in association with our friends of the Loyal Order of the Imperial Healing Warriors.

We implore you for yourself and your loved ones, to learn and perhaps even to make it your livelihood as Natural Practitioners or healer, with this certified training.

Aside from the training, the Natural Healing Club will also have available many workshops, retreats, and certification classes to help give you a head start you on your new career path or perhaps you would like to enhance your current one or, even just to care only for your loved ones at home.

So come have fun and enjoy each others company as we embrace this new knowledge to help us all on a better path to vibrant health and longevity.

If after you come to our meetings you decide to join us as a full fledged members of the NHC, the membership dues are only $37 per year. (that's just about $3 a month)

With your membership dues you will also recieve a Healing Tones CD of your choice and Healing Chart.

To look at list of the choices available for the Healing Tones CDs, visit Or email your request for a list of our CDs to

Come out to our meetups and experience it for yourself.

We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month at 2pm for a delicious potluck meal, so bring a healthy dish to share.

We will then continue with a workshop or lecture afterwards about 3pm. Making presentations is open to all our members.

So don't miss it!

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