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Natural Movement NYC is a group for those who wish to strengthen their body and mind through principles and techniques of using our muscles and movements in a way the human body has evolved outdoors in nature over the last million years.

Originally inspired by MovNat (www.movnat.com), we hone the body's 12 movements and improvise fun and challenging ways of utilizing our body's extensive natural abilities. We climb trees and rocks, lift logs, balance ourselves on narrow surfaces, learn carrying techniques of objects and each other, do ground work involving learning how to fall, crawl, and roll, do a variety of animal walks, precision jumping, work together as a team to accomplish a task, and anything else that's fun and gets the heart going!

Our membership draws from the barefoot running, crossfit, parkour and paleo crowd as well as those who just want to have fun outside and do something different with their workout. Being outside and moving naturally as our bodies were meant to will give you not only a great workout, but a true sense of fulfillment of your natural instincts and a greater body awareness.

We're out there to have fun and to get back to what our bodies were designed for.

Join us!

*Please note that you join us and perform at your own risk. The organizers of this group are in no way responsible for any injuries that may occur.

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