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Our group contents , photos as well as members info are only available to approved members. We respectfully ask everyone not to use this group for business purposes, which includes digging out someone social media account without permission, spamming, promoting your services/products, job recruiting... etc.

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This is a Hiking/Camping/Picnic meetup group for Active Natural Parents with children ages 0-5 and their older siblings. Many of us parent in a more natural way but we do not exclude other styles. Our goal is to bring active families together and go on outdoor adventures.

Our members are likely to support: breastfeeding, natural living, instinctual/back-to-basics parenting, natural birth and home birth, attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping, child-directed weaning, EC, organic foods and gardening, creative textiles, natural toys, crafting, limited or no TV/video games/media exposure, consuming less, living simply, homeschooling etc. However this is NOT a checklist.

Occasionally (with help for sure), we would like to include activities: making toys with our children, arts & crafts, fruit-picking, farm visits, educational opportunities, creative play, musical play, museums, zoo trips, river trips, snow play, potlucks, libraries, and more.

> Members Fee & Donations

The meetup subscription cost us an excessive fee of $180 per year. While we believe this meetup group is a good investment to finding like-minded parents and kids like you. We are still struggling putting together enough funds to pay the annual subscription. Therefore, if you like the group after attending some of our event, please kindly contribute a small amount of donation per year to support what we are doing.

> Little bit about us

My name is Kwok, my wife Joey and I are originally from Hong Kong. We love outdoor activities and decided to keep reaching out even though we now have a baby girl after our 4 yo boy. Obviously, our outing style/pace/diet changed after we have kids. Therefore, we started to go out on our own. But wouldn't it be nice to get close to nature with other parents/kids/babies who believe in breastfeeding, healthy diet and natural parenting style? We can't be alone and we can't do this alone. I would like to invite you to join us and have a good time.

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