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We provide a wide variety of classes to improve your health and vitality:
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Qigong Class - Saturdays

Naturally Organic Healing Center


Medical Qigong Class Days: Saturday Time: 9:00a.m - 9:50a.m. Cost: $10 Location: Naturally Organic Healing Center What is Qigong? Qigong is the art of developing internal energy particularly for health and vitality, mind expansion and spiritual cultivation. Qigong uses body movements, rhythmic breathing, visualizations and healing sounds. Qigong is a combination of two ideas : Chi “Qi” (pronounced chee), means air, the breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe. In other cultures around the world, it is Prana, Aether, Life Force Energy, etc. Kung “Gong” (pronounced gung, as in lung) means the skill of working with or cultivating, self-discipline, learned skill and achievement. *Also spelled Qigong, chi gong, chi kung and chi gung Pronunciation : Romanized Chinese “qigong” sounds like [ch’i kung] or chee in the English spelling system, and not like [ki gong]. or key. The word “Qigong” literally means “breathing exercises,” “to work the vital force,” “energy mastering exercises,” “mastery of the posture, breath and intention” etc. Older terms : Xingqi “Aiding the flow of chi / moving chi”. Yang Sheng “Nourishing the forces of life”. Dao Yin “leading and guiding the chi / Harmonizing the body, breath, and mind through moving the limbs and torso. Qigong was coined in 1915, 1929 as a martial ref. and in 1936 as a medical ref. Qigong’ History Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) [masked] B.C.) practiced Qigong and other Taoist arts including Herbalism, and Meditation. Authored the 12 Scrolls of Internal Medicine. Zhou Dynasty [masked] B.C.) the I Ching arrived publicly and before that, there was no separation between the study of medicine and divination. Three Treasures Schools Heaven, Earth and Man. Han Dynasty (206-B.C.-220 A.D.) In 1972 the Dao Yin Tu postures from King Ma tomb discovered. Modern-day Qigong is well documented and scientifically validated, and studied in universities around the world. Qigong is a natural self-health care system, it empowers individuals to feel there best and prevent stress, anxiety and negative emotions. Qigong is the power of self-knowledge. 3 Styles of Qigong Medical – Purging – Tonify – Regulate Martial – Obvious – Hidden – Mysterious Spiritual – Gathering – Housing – Utilizing 3 Rules of all Qigong Posture – Breath – Intention Class is $10 Qigong is Sifu JC’s specialty More info www.EarthPowers.com (http://www.earthpowers.com/)

Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Teacher Training Program

Naturally Organic Healing Center

Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Teacher Training Find your balance for 2019 Learn Etiquette History Understanding the 5 Element Theory and Therapeutic Benefits Yang Cheng Fu’s Ten Principles Six Harmonies Stretching Sets Chan Ssu Jin (Silk Reeling) Yow Jin (Waist Training) The Yang 48 Form Standing Meditation Training with the Season Judging Points of Competition Push Hands and Applications Intro to Swords Saber and Jian ☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️ Classes by 4X Internal Martial Art Champion - Sifu JC ‪EarthPowers.com ‬ ‪[masked] ‬ ‪Call for details‬ ‪☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️‬ Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Saturday, 1000a-1200p February 2nd through November 30th (44 Weeks) $1500 / $1300 Cash – Includes detailed handouts and video access for one year. $1350 Early bird / $1200 Cash – Additional split payment options available. www.EarthPowers.com

Spiritual Experience Discussions

Naturally Organic Healing Center

Every Saturday evening from 6-7pm. Discussion of spiritual experiences of all faiths in a safe, respectful environment. Free attendance.

Ashtanga Yoga - Mysore Practic w/ Carrie Sobek

Naturally Organic Healing Center


MYSORE LAS VEGAS MYSORE CLASS MONDAY-THURSDAY 7:30-9:30AM Mysore, named after the energetic city in South India is the traditional approach to Ashtanga yoga where the practitioner receives one on one instruction of breath and movement as they move through a sequence of postures. When you do not know what you are doing next, your attention will always be on your teacher taking the focus off of yourself. In this class, the student memorizes the sequence of postures and develops a self practice allowing themselves to focus internally bringing a great depth of awareness, clarity, and internal strength. Through the focus on drishti (looking point) and correct use of breath and movement (vinyasa), this method guides the practitioner to a deep meditative state. This practice does not favor the physically strong and will not shadow any weak spots in the practitioner. Come any time between the 7-9am time frame giving yourself enough time to practice. Opening chant starts at 7:40am.

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Qigong for Health and Wellness

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