What we're about

This group is for those who are (naturally) spiritual, those who find being in nature healing, and this group is evolving into the direction of being for those who want to experience "being".

We are not a hiking group, we do more stopping to smell the roses and to "be" and experience the moment than we do walking. You will also be reminded to be present (this includes awareness of breath, steps, the natural surroundings, own body, etc)

We hope to experience mini-vacations for the soul and mind, times of mindfulness and 'being' along with socializing and activities at times. We strive to strike a balance between being, meditating, mindfulness, being still and socializing walking talking picnicking.

This group also promotes the appreciation of connecting, enhanced mindfulness and healing via the practice of: Barefoot walking, Earthing, Grounding, Sunning, Moon-gazing, Sun-gazing, Breathing, Tree-touching, Foraging, bird watching, plant-eating, wind-watching, star gazing, slow walking, mindful walking, learning about nature plants and animals, etc. Connect with nature, slow down, look, touch, feel.

If you're interested in Eckhart Tolle, understanding and dissolving the ego and all it's artificial constructs.. contact me, i am no teacher, however bouncing and sharing ideas and examining the ego and reminding each other not to identify with the ego can be things people could help each other out with. Mindfulness meditation, and being conscious throughout the day are my current egoic goals that eventually hopefully will dissolve said ego.

The following are keywords relating to what we find interesting and what we like to do. I would say that you should to be comfortable with, accepting of, or curious about the following if this is to be a good fit:

Spirituality, Meditation (sitting and walking indoors and out), Mindfulness, "Being", connecting with nature, Empowerment, Personal Growth, Knowing one's self, Pagan, Druid, Wicca, Pantheism, Non-Dual, Zen, Shaman, Native wisdom, Chinese medicine and Qigong, Metaphysics, Self-Improvement, Positivity, Optimism, Law of Attraction, Herbs, medicinal herbs, natural medicines, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, healing modalities, quiet walks, calmness, creating a blissful (holy) environment, walking, hiking, outdoors, photography, nature photography, nature walks, Positive affirmations, acceptance, giving and receiving support, sunning (sun gazing with closed eyelids), sun tanning, moon gazing, edible wild plants, bird watching, grounding and earthing (barefoot), spiritual alchemy, healthy attitudes, seeking wholeness, love, wellness, seeking mini-vacations, commune with nature, permaculture permanent agriculture, the problem is the solution.

This group is diverse, all ages and interests, from all spiritual paths, pagan to agnostics, I work in technology but am also a student of meditation, hypnosis, herbology, wild edibles, permaculture, qigong, bodywork, and alchemy (spiritual and physical).

Join us, walk in peace, socialize yet find enough time to experience some solitude and bliss. Practice non-judgment, and as much being as possible.

This group combines socializing with being., perhaps a paradox, but we try to experience both.

We go into each meetup with no expectations or attachments to outcomes.

Thank you for reading this, I look forward to meeting you.

In addition to joining our group, to make sure you get a hold of me, friend me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zaghmut

Future events are being planned. Indoors, Outdoors, Talks, Meditations, Exploring and experiencing BEING ... exploring what it means to Wake Up, seek / find Truth .. <- Will all be coming soon.

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