What we're about

Group Mission:

Group mission is to create a positive healthy experiences.

1) We will be doing nature walks, guided meditation, energy healing, trying out new experiences

2) We will be having fun such as lunches, dinners outings, hiking

3) We will be volunteering and helping out for the below causes.

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Volunteer, Meditate and Better Living.

Work along with Sister organization (Better living through Giving )

Better Living Through Giving was founded in July 2008 as a non-profit organization. We are a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations made to us are fully tax deductible.

Our Mission

1.Provide education for underprivileged children and generate employment for downtrodden sections of society. Instead of helping the poor get some food, clothing or financial help on a once-off basis, this organization would work towards giving them the education, tools and opportunities that would help them get out of abject poverty.

2. Provide micro credit loans on zero or very nominal interest rate to existing small business owners in developing countries, to help them diversify or reach a stronger footing. Loans also will be given to parents who find it hard to pay the annual tuition fees for their children.

3.Raise awareness for organ donation. A large number of people die every year in USA after waiting several years on organ donation waiting list. The fate of such people in other countries is even worse where there is no organized effort towards finding organ donors and matching with those in need of organ transplants. Organ donation is the ultimate “recycling” program that is hugely beneficial to the society. This organization would work towards raising awareness for this worthy cause.

4. Raise Spiritual Awareness. The inspiration to start BLTG came out of spiritual awakening in the primary players of this organization. Our goal would be to help others participate in this awakening, so that this effort could be duplicated manifold and new ideas and efforts could be generated for betterment of society. We would do this by organizing public seminars/lecture-series on human values and altruism and by distributing pertinent literature.

Better Living Through Giving is an all-volunteer, not for profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting the following 4 causes:

1. Providing Education & Employment opportunities for the poor in the developing countries.
2. Raising awareness for Organ Donation.
3. Raising spiritual awareness in society
4. Providing Micro-Finance loans for helping small businesses and for higher education in developing countries.


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Ski (Shawnee Mountains)

Shawnee Mountains

Meditation / Spiritual / Session

Needs a location

Meditation / Spiritual / Session

Needs a location

Meditation / Spiritual / Session

Needs a location

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