What we're about

Join us for competitions, informal chats, photo talks, night shoots, nature walks not to mention our UK and international excursions. We will be travelling, but hope to organise bunches of London meetups quarterly (15-20 per year). AT heart, we are a Travel Photo community with the intention of bringing together small groups of photographers to save costs on their photo trips. Our international travel portal will be growing on our new website (https://nature-photo-travel.co.uk/) over the next months.


In ever cluster of meetup events we will be holding a few themed competitions that will be tied to a particular event. Vouchers can be purchased for competition entry from Nature-Photo-Travel (https://nature-photo-travel.co.uk/meetup-vouchers/). Members are free to join us without charge if you don't want to enter.

Informal chats

We will try to make ourselves available for question and answer over a cup of tea in an open space cafe or somewhere quiet. This could be over an afternoon, evening or both. These will be free to attend.

Photo Talks

We might arrange an evening of chalk and talk with an experienced travel photographer. Some will be free and others will be with a small fee or voucher.

Photo Walks

Come with us as we take our lenses for a spin around some woodlands, sculpture gardens or historical buildings. We will start with a group orientation and then it could be a walk and talk with cameras or fun and challenging competition theme to get you searching around. The itinerary will probably involve a cafe stop at the beginning and end. There will often be a pro or expert on hand to offer assistance during these events and you can buy a one2one instruction voucher here (https://nature-photo-travel.co.uk/meetup-vouchers/). We will run photo competitions on some of these camera walk-a-bouts. It is possible to use a one2one and competition voucher together at the same event. Although, competitions judges cannot instruct at a competition.


Rather than charging for some of our events where photo instruction is available, we are trying out a voucher system. This is a single voucher system to cover both one2one instruction time and competition entry. For example, the single voucher (https://nature-photo-travel.co.uk/meetup-vouchers/) - Trekker One (£5) can be exchanged for roughly 10 minutes of one on one photography tuition with a pro or expert. Or it can be used to enter up to 5 photos into an event competition. Trekker Five (£25) will give you several one on one session during an event.


The voucher system means that you can attend events without paying anything, if you don't want instruction. You can still enjoy the group talks and get involved with the photography. Also, you can get involved in competitions without entering anything. Although we could offer consistent competition winners the chance to become instructors for future events. So please feel free to come along without spending a penny and feel no guilt for doing so.

Pay back

You will be able to earn vouchers by becoming a host or by sharing our facebook posts. More details to come.

Past events (6)

Blue hour/night photography at Tower Bridge

Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

Blue hour/Night photography at London Eye and Big Ben.

Riverside Terrace Cafe

Tea & Chat - informal introductions

Café in the Crypt

Hang out and chat (Brighton)

bystander cafe near Brighton Station

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