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"What is important now is to recover our senses. We must learn to see more, to hear more, to feel more."

--Susan Sontag

Disconnect from the cyber-grid, take a break, re-connect with yourself. I invite you to join me as we improve mental and emotional fitness and play at enhancing soft skills.

Based on the restorative, therapeutic benefits of the natural world, Nature the Arts Within workshops and consulting help you to train attentional flexibility In order to promote well-being and relief from the everyday stressors of daily life.

As your EcoTherapy guide, I will suggest ways to practice mindfulness and sensory awareness throughout your day. We will experiment with Eco-Art therapeutic modalities and explore somatic clarity through meditation informed approaches. Working with and through Nature is an invitation for you to observe your own inner wilderness or secret gardens and better understand your limits and your triggers. Improved self care starts with self knowledge.

I am a certified Horticultural Therapist and clinician from NYC where I provided services at New York University Hospital Langone / Rusk Neuro-Rehabilitation Institute.

I also hold a degree in Art Therapy from the Université de Paris Descartes faculté de Médecine/Hooitale Sainte Anne.

But I am also a "designer Végétal", a fibre artist, and a long time practitioner of Mindfulness interventions, a domain in which I have formal education.

Horticultural Therapy, like Art, Music or Animal Assisted Therapy is a mediated therapy based on a non-frontal approach to transformation. Instead, gardens, plants, flowers, Nature, environmental arts are invoked to maximise the benefits of the therapeutic process.

This group is for active parisians prepared to practice conscious connection to the Natural world and who are looking to hit the pause button on their screens and turn off the automatic pilot.

Workshops in English or French.

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Mindful walkabout

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