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Welcome to Nature 2.0 - A community of communities.

The narrative

It could be that you just started one of the craziest journeys of your life.

The Nature 2.0 community consists of all the people who are intrigued, fan or even evangelist-of-their-vision of achievements within a Nature 2.0 narrative. Nature2.0 is crazy, as you will soon discover.

How can we use cutting edge technology to build the unimaginable? Beyond businesses and profit formulas? How can we create machine to machine ecosystems that operate beneficially for society? How can you build and finance a commons? How do you create ecosystems that operate towards abundance?

At Nature 2.0 (http://nature2.ooo (http://nature2.ooo/)) we are sharing & validating all the stories, ideas, experiments, insights & concepts around such questions. Because we believe we can build it and prove to you that intrinsic motivation is the only essential tool although smart ideas do help a lot.

We want to share all the narratives people can’t imagine, different ways to finance them there. Here, in this meetup, we will discover together how we can build them in an explorative way.


Discover more on medium (https://medium.com/@trentmc0/nature-2-0-27bdf8238071)

The plan

In our Meetup we are following a 3 layered exploratory approach to build Nature 2.0 solutions (videos of past meetups are shared on YouTube, a first few are here (https://youtu.be/lZdmD2KvsPY) or here (https://youtu.be/EImNJW-tZlM))

• Layer 1: Decentralized Access Control for machines and IT infrastructure - “Plugged-In”

• Layer 2: Public data and intelligence networks that promote data and AI for the commons - "The Hivemind”

• Layer 3: Self-owned agents and resources with token incentives - “Self-actualization”

Join us

At this moment various communities are thinking about participating in our Nature 2.0 track at the biggest hackathon of the world (check DutchChain (http://dutchchain.com/)) & we are looking for more.

The communities are sharing additional events, stories, building blocks on http://nature2.ooo (http://nature2.ooo/). And they are looking for you to join the movement, share and participate in their endeavor.

Get in touch with hello@nature2.ooo if you have any questions. Don’t forget to say hello to our sister meetup in BERLIN (https://www.meetup.com/Nature2-0-Where-Blockchain-DLT-and-AI-meet-Berlin/)

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We are also on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8692413/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Nature2ooo), Twitter (https://twitter.com/Nature2_0), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/nature2.ooo/), Tumblr (https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nature2ooo)

Upcoming events (3)

Nature 2.0 & SingularityNET: Decentralizing AI- creative meetup

Explore the power of distributed AI! Boost your idea's and possibillities for the Odyssey Hackathon! In the first part of the meetup we introduce you to the possibillities and the challenges. The second half of the meetup is interactive: focussing on your questions, ambitions & dreams (for the hackathon). Program: 18:30 Doors open, Pizza & hamburgers 19:00 Opening & introduction to Nature2.0 : Fixing the world through crazy hacking- Building the unimaginable Jan-Peter Doomernik (Lead Nature2.0 track of Odyssey.org) Every innovative disruption seems crazy before it is adopted. What seems nuts today may benefit society tomorrow, but only if we get to work, together, in order to build the unimaginable. Technology is not the main challenge. It is us, the humans, who miss out on tons of possibilities because of frozen mindsets. What can we learn from the 8.7 million other animal species, that fulfill their basic needs using ecosystems without ownership, without identity like humans use it, and without money? In the nature2.0 track we ask you to build commons, ecosystems towards abundance or ownerless ecosystems 19:15 Decentralizing AI: Extraordinary Opportunities & stunning examples: Ibby Bernali, Marketing Manager &Data Protection Officer SingularityNet.io Artificial Intelligence is playing a bigger role every day in our lives. One of the biggest questions is how you could make Artificial Intelligence even more intelligent, so that it can reach human-level intelligence, or even beyond that: Artificial General intelligence. Ibby Benali will introduce you to the concept of decentralized micro AI services that can form the world’s global AI brain on the blockchain, and how one of your very own AI services could be part of the bigger whole. 19.30 Data is labor: Arif Kahn Marketing VP SingularityNet.io How should we think about our data within the context of social contracts? Recent embarrassing disclosures by large tech firms has emphasized the importance of our data. Should data be treated as capital? Or should it be more radically categorised as labor given its enormous contribution to the algorithmic supply chain. How should we think about our rights as individuals and can the blockchain facilitate a new paradigm in this domain? 19:50 interaction 1 (Ibby, Arif & JP) : Burning questions- Who do I want to meet during the break? 20.00 break 20.30 interaction 2 (Ibby, Arif & JP): Joined exploration of all your questions (& Moderator) 21.10 Pitch & share: What is your idea to particiapte in the odyssey.org Hackathon? Nature2.0 ready? Doable with AI? An excellent opportunity to craft or finrtune your odyssey –application. 21:25 Wrap up 21:30 Meet & mingle with drinks

Odyssey.org Hackathon Deep Dive | Nature 2.0 track

De Nieuwe Liefde

Join us for the Program Deepdive to learn more about the concept of Nature 2.0, what we are aiming for and how you can be part of this journey. Join us! We are prepping for the for the Odyssey.org Hackathon in this joint Event with APG (their program starts at 9.00 in the same location). Please note that you have to register on the Odyssey website if you want to attend this Deep Dive. If you are not on their list you will not get in: Attending this Meetup WON'T be enough - Sorry!!! https://www.odyssey.org/hackathon-track-deep-dives/ AGENDA 12.00 Lunch & Time to Connect 13.00 Block 1: Presentation Nature 2.0 Track What is Nature 2.0? Trent McConagh | Ocean Protocol, author of original Nature2.0 Medium post Participating in the biggest blockchain Hackathon of the world Rutger van Zuidam | DutchChain presentation What is the challenge of Nature 2.0? Jan-Peter Doomernik 14.15 Break 14.35 Block 2: What can we learn from Nature & Communities Life's Principles as a guideline for a healing economy Prof. Jaco Appelman | University of Utrecht How to build a community around the magic of AI? Presentation of the Friends of Nature 2.0 Unimaginable narratives, communities looking for a hackathon team 15.40 Break: Time to Connect 16.00 Block 3: The Unimaginable but Buildable 16.00 How can I create what I can’t imagine? Boom Chicago 17.00 Wrap-up What does it mean to be a Nature 2.0 team member? + Q&A Jan-Peter Doomernik 17.30 Time to Connect Drinks and Networking Please note you can register for the Hackathon from 28.01. [masked]https://www.odyssey.org/odyssey-hackathon/? THE CHALLENGE Which elements of our day2day life that we deem normal are actually very crazy? And which solutions, that seem crazy can be built, because the only hurdle to pass proves to be our current human narrative, not technology. Disruption, before it happens, is always a crazy: We want you to look for the crazy, the ODD in odyssey. BUILD THE UNIMAGINABLE. 8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, eating, transportation, energy… None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, an identity like we use it, or on money. Some of them are not even based on scarcity, but on cooperation resulting in abundant resources. For free. That is unimaginable and crazy for one species, us humans, while a lot of other species are living it. BUILD A COMMONS, AN ECOSYSTEM TOWARDS ABUNDANCE OR AN OWNERLESS ECOSYSTEM. When you choose to enter this challenge, your world will never be the same. We invite you to rethink the system. Check out the dedicated Nature2.ooo website to find resources to build the solutions of tomorrow. A number of friends popped up that have inspiring challenges that could be topics for teams to work on. If you want to accelerate your solution already before the hackathon, these communities are waiting for you to join and assist you on your quest. Please note Nature 2.0 hosts 10 teams for its 1 challenge and a total cash reward of[masked] euro.

Nature 2.0 & SingularityNET: Technical Deep Dive

House of Watt

In this workshop you will learn how to use the SingularityNET decentralized protocol to sell your AI services on the SingularityNET Marketplace. Our senior engineers will walk you through step-by-step and answer any questions you may have. This workshop is suitable for developers with a basic understanding of command-line tools. You will receive a sample AI service to work with during the workshop. We will show you the ins and outs of Opencog: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCog » Visit on Github: https://github.com/singnet » Developer portal: https://dev.singularitynet.io/ » Faucet & testnet info: https://dev.singularitynet.io/sheet/ » Join the SingularityNet Community: https://community.singularitynet.io/ Preparing you to the max for the hackathon! There will also be a live stream.

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