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Navara is a Mystical School in which practitioners learn to systematically spiritualise themselves through initiatic techniques consisting of (but not limited to); Devotion (Bhakti Yoga & Guru Yoga), meditation (Raja Roga), Self-knowledge (Jnana Yoga), energetic control (Hatha, Tantra & Kundalini Yoga); right thought and action (Karma Yoga). Emphasis is placed on regular guided spiritual practice (Sadhana) and is offered to practitioners who are sincerely striving to achieve the true Enlightenment (Nirvana), Liberation (Boddhi) and even beyond. It is the most simple, efficient and natural way to experience directly the holy spiritual worlds, to see God and to unite with Him. Navara is not a religion in itself, but teaches the essence underlying ALL true religions. Navara is transmitted to you through direct spiritual experience, as taught by the fully Enlightened Master- Shri Guru Navara.

Please visit the webpage; www.navara.org

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